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rive noun. [rʌɪv] Chiefly Scot.
rive verb. [rʌɪv] Now chiefly arch., poet., & Scot. Pa. t. rived; pa. pple rived, riven ['rɪv(ǝ)n].

Irregular Forms: (riven)

شکافتن ، جدا کردن ، ترکیدن
Synonyms: tear, cleave, rend, rip, split, shatter, burst, fragment, pash, shiver, smash, smatter, splinter, splinterize, splitter
Related Words: divide, separate, chop, hew

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rive (rīv)
v. rived, riv·en, (rĭvən) also rived riv·ing, rives
v. tr.
To rend or tear apart.
To break into pieces, as by a blow; cleave or split asunder.
To break or distress (the spirit, for example).
v. intr.
To be or become split.

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[Middle English riven, from Old Norse rīfa.]

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