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rivet /ˈrɪvət, ˈrɪvɪt/ verb

پرچ کردن ، پر چین کردن ، بامیخ پرچ محکم کردن ، بهم میخ زدن ، محکم کردن ، علوم مهندسی: میخ پرچ ، عمران: میخ پرچ ، معماری: میخ پرچ ، علوم هوایی: پرچ ، علوم نظامی: اشبیل خاردار

: rivet (to)

معماری: پرچ کردن
کامپیوتر: محکم کردن

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Synonyms: fasten, affix, attach, fix, concenter, concentrate, fixate, focus, put

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I. rivet1 /ˈrɪvət, ˈrɪvɪt/ verb

1. be riveted on/to/by something if your attention is riveted on something, you are so interested or so frightened that you keep looking at it:
All eyes were riveted on her in horror.

2. be riveted to the spot to be so shocked or frightened that you cannot move

3. [transitive] to fasten something with rivets

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II. rivet2 noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: river 'to be fastened']
a metal pin used to fasten pieces of metal together ⇒ bolt

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