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road /rəʊd $ roʊd/ noun

شارع ، بجاده ، معبر ، طریق ، خیابان ، راه اهن ، علوم مهندسی: خیابان ، عمران: جاده ، قانون ـ فقه: گذرگاه

: road (am)

معماری: راه
Synonyms: way, course, highway, lane, motorway, path, pathway, roadway, route, track
English Thesaurus: road, street, avenue, boulevard, lane, ...

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road S1 W1 /rəʊd $ roʊd/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: rad 'ride, journey']

1. [uncountable and countable] a specially prepared hard surface for cars, buses, bicycles etc to travel on ⇒ street, motorway, freeway
along the road
I was driving along the road when a kid suddenly stepped out in front of me.
up the road
You'll see the library a bit further up the road.
down the road
I ran down the road to see what was happening.
My sister lives just down the road.
in the road
Protestors sat down in the road to stop the lorries.
in the middle of the road
Someone was standing in the middle of the road.
across the road
I ran across the road to meet him.
by road
The college is easily accessible by road.
on the road
There are far more cars on the road now than there used to be.
There were lots of cars parked on the road.

2. Road (written abbreviation Rd.) used in addresses after the names of roads and streets:
65 Maple Road
He lives on Dudley Road.

3. on the road
a) travelling in a car, especially for long distances:
I’ve been on the road since 5:00 a.m. this morning.
b) if a group of actors or musicians are on the road, they are travelling from place to place giving performances:
They’re on the road for six months out of every year.
c) if your car is on the road, you have paid for the repairs, tax etc necessary for you to drive it legally:
It would cost too much to put it back on the road.

4. the road to something if you are on the road to something, you will achieve it soon, or it will happen to you soon:
The doctor says she’s well on the road to recovery.
It was this deal that set him on the road to his first million.
the first step along the road to democracy

5. go down a/this road to choose a particular course of action:
Is there any scope for going down that road in the future?
It depends which road you want to go down.

6. along/down the road in the future, especially at a later stage in a process:
You can always upgrade a bit further down the road if you want.
Somewhere down the road, they’re going to clash.

7. one for the road spoken a last alcoholic drink before you leave a party, pub etc

8. road to Damascus a situation in which someone experiences a sudden and complete change in their opinions or beliefs. The phrase is based on the story in the New Testament of the Bible, in which St Paul saw a blinding light and heard God's voice while he was travelling on the road to Damascus. He immediately became a Christian.
the end of the road at end1(17), ⇒ hit the road at hit1(13)

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ADJ. broad, wide | narrow | busy, congested | clear, deserted, empty, lonely, quiet Let's leave when the roads are clear.
direct The airport's near here but there's no direct road.
straight | twisting, twisty, winding | steep | scenic | good, metalled, paved, smooth, surfaced, tarmac | bad, bumpy, dirt, poor, rough, unmade a bumpy road through the forest
dangerous, difficult, hard (often figurative) Bringing up a handicapped child can be a long and hard road.
safe | slippery | dusty, icy, muddy, snowbound, snowy, wet | fast | long, long-distance, main, major, national, trunk | B-, back, local, minor, secondary, small, unclassified | single-track | rural | urban | residential | tree-lined | private, public | dead-end (figurative) The government's policy on education is a dead-end road.
open We'll be able to go faster once we're out on the open road.
right, wrong We took the wrong road and had to turn back.
(figurative) It does appear we are on the right road to success.
east-west, etc. | coast, coastal, country, mountain | access, arterial, ring, service, side, slip The new ring road should reduce city centre traffic.
VERB + ROAD follow, go down Follow the road round to the left.
(figurative) We have discussed privatization, but we would prefer not to go down that road.
take, turn (left/right) into/off Take the next road on the right.
cross, get across | pull (out) into He was hit by a lorry as he pulled out into the main road.
pull off I pulled off the road for a rest.
join The track joins the main road just south of the village. | hog (= drive near the middle of the road so that others cannot get past) | block, cordon off Angry farmers blocked the road with their tractors. Police cordoned off the road and diverted commuter traffic.
build | pave, resurface, surface | widen
ROAD + VERB go, lead, run Where does this road go? The road runs parallel to the river.
bend, curve, turn, twist, wind The road twists and turns up the hillside.
ascend, climb The road ascends steeply from the harbour.
cross sth The road crosses the river further up the valley.
branch (off), fork Our road branches off to the left just past the wood.
ROAD + NOUN atlas, map | markings, sign | intersection, junction | bridge, crossing, tunnel | closure | humps Road humps have been laid down to limit the speed of cars along the road.
communications, infrastructure, network | layout | access, link There is still no road access to the island.
development, plan, programme, project, proposal, scheme | improvements | surface | journey | crash, smash, (traffic) accident | safety | deaths | conditions | traffic, vehicles | user | manners, sense poor driving standards and lack of road manners
engineer | haulier | haulage | sweeper | tax, toll Road tax is set to rise in next month's budget. Road tolls can make travelling by motorway fairly expensive.
rage A man has been stabbed to death in a road rage attack.
PREP. across the ~ The house across the road is for sale.
along the ~ He was walking along the road when he was attacked.
by ~ It takes three hours by road (= driving).
down/up the ~ They live just down the road from us.
in the ~ There was a dog in the road so we stopped. We live in/on Kingston Road.
(out) into the ~ She stepped out into the road without looking.
off the ~ My car's off the road at the moment while I recondition the engine.
on a/the ~ There's something lying on the road. There was a lot of traffic on the road this morning. on the road to Damascus My car is back on the road (= is working) again. We'd been on the road (= travelling) since dawn and needed a rest.
~ along/over/through, etc. the main road through the centre of town
~ from, ~ to the road to London
(figurative) to be on the road to recovery/success

PHRASES at/by/on the side of the road, the bottom/end/top of the road, the end of the road (figurative) This latest row could mean the end of the road for the band.
the middle of the road A dog was sitting in the middle of the road, so we stopped.
the next/second, etc. road on the left/right, a stretch of road a notoriously dangerous stretch of road

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busy (=with a lot of traffic)
The children have to cross a busy road to get to school.
quiet (=with little traffic)
At that time of night, the roads were quiet.
clear (=with no traffic or nothing blocking it)
Before you overtake, make sure the road is clear.
a main road (=an important road that is used a lot)
The main road was blocked for twenty-five minutes.
a minor road
France has a huge network of minor roads.
a side road/a back road (=a small road that is not used much)
He drove into a quiet side road and stopped the car.
a country road
He was driving along a quiet country road when a tyre suddenly burst.
a mountain road
A lot of concentration is needed on the narrow mountain roads.
the coast road
He continued along the coast road.
the open road (=without much traffic or anything to stop you getting somewhere)
This car is at its best on the open road.
a road is open (=it is not closed or blocked)
We try to keep the mountain road open for most of the year.
a road is closed
The mountain road was closed by snow.
a road is blocked
The main road was blocked for an hour while police cleared the accident.
cross a road
She was standing on the pavement waiting to cross the road.
run out into a road
He had to swerve when a child ran out into the road.
a road leads/goes/runs somewhere
We turned into the road leading to the village.
a road winds (=it turns and curves, rather than going in a straight line)
A long road wound through the park.
a road forks (=starts going ahead in two different directions)
At Salen, the road forks right and left.
a road narrows/widens
After a couple of miles, the road narrows.
a road accident
Her husband was killed in a road accident.
road safety
We share parents' concern for road safety.
road sense (=knowledge of how to behave safely near traffic)
Young children don't have any road sense.
a road junction (=place where two or more roads meet)
It was a busy road junction.
a road network (=system of roads that cross or are connected to each other)
the road network in northern France
the side of the road
We stopped and had something to eat by the side of the road.
She was standing on the other side of the road talking to my mum.
the road ahead (=in front of you)
The road ahead was completely flooded.
a fork in the road (=a place where a road goes in two different directions)
We had to ask for directions each time we got to a fork in the road.

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