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romp /rɒmp $ rɑːmp/ verb [intransitive]

با جیغ وداد بازی کردن ، سر وصدا
- frolic, caper, cavort, frisk, gambol, have fun, sport
- win easily, walk it (informal), win by a mile (informal), win hands down
- frolic, caper, lark (informal)
Related Idioms: cut capers, horse around

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I. romp1 /rɒmp $ rɑːmp/ verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: ramp 'to behave threateningly' (14-19 centuries), from French ramper; rampant]

1. [always + adverb/preposition] to play in a noisy way, especially by running, jumping etc
romp around/about
They could hear the children romping around upstairs.

2. to win a race, competition, election etc very easily
romp to a win/victory
The women’s team romped to a 132–81 win over Ireland.
In 1906 the Liberal Party romped back to power.
romp home British English:
The favourite, Badawi, romped home in the first race.
romp through something phrasal verb British English
informal to succeed in doing or finishing something quickly and easily

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II. romp2 noun [countable]

1. informal a piece of amusing entertainment which has a lot of exciting scenes:
‘A Royal Scandal’ is an hour-long romp that pokes fun at British royal marriages.

2. British English informal a period of sexual activity – used humorously, especially in newspapers

3. when one sports team defeats another one very easily – used in newspapers
romp over
the Yankees’ 12–1 romp over the Red Sox

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