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roughly /ˈrʌfli/ adverb

تقریبا" ، بطور کلی
Synonyms: hard, badly, hardly, harshly, painfully, rigorously, severely, nearly, about, all but, almost, approximately, as good as, just about, most, practically, well-nigh
Antonyms: smoothly
English Thesaurus: about, on, concerning/regarding, with regard to, re, ...

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roughly S2 /ˈrʌfli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: rough, the rough, roughage, roughness; verb: rough, roughen; adverb: rough, roughly; adjective: rough]

1. not exactly Synonym : about, approximately:
There were roughly 200 people there.
Azaleas flower at roughly the same time each year.
roughly equal/comparable/equivalent
two rocks of roughly equal size
roughly speaking (=used when saying something without giving exact details or information)
Roughly speaking, I’d say we need about $500.

2. not gently or carefully:
He grabbed her roughly.

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