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row /rəʊ $ roʊ/ noun [countable]
row /raʊ/ noun
row /rəʊ $ roʊ/ verb
row /raʊ/ verb [intransitive]

ردیف مین ، پارو زدن ، راندن ، سطر ، رج ، قطار ، راسته ، صف ، ردیف چند خانه ، ردیف کردن ، قرار دادن ، بخط کردن ، قیل و قال ، علوم مهندسی: سری ، کامپیوتر: سطر ، قانون ـ فقه: نزاع ، روانشناسی: ردیف ، علوم هوایی: ردیف ، علوم نظامی: صف
الکترونیک: ردیف ، سطر ، کامپیوتر: سری ، علوم مهندسی: نزاع ، حقوق: ردیف ، هواپیمایی: ردیف مین ، ردیف ، قطار ، راسته ، صف ، علوم نظامی: ردیف ، روانشناسی: پارو زدن ، راندن ، ردیف ، سطر، رج ، قطار، راسته ، صف ، ردیف چند خانه ، ردیف کردن ، قرار دادن ، بخط کردن ، قیل و قال

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line, bank, column, file, range, series, string
- dispute, brawl, quarrel, squabble, tiff, trouble
- disturbance, commotion, noise, racket, rumpus, tumult, uproar
- quarrel, argue, dispute, fight, squabble, wrangle
Related Words: scull, punt, sail, scud
English Thesaurus: argument, row, disagreement, quarrel, feud, ...

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I. row1 S2 W2 /rəʊ $ roʊ/ noun [countable]

1. a line of things or people next to each other ⇒ column
row of
a row of houses
rows of trees
in a row
The children were asked to stand in a row.
row upon row (=many rows) of shelves stacked with books

2. a line of seats in a theatre or cinema:
We sat in the front row.

3. in a row happening a number of times, one after the other Synonym : consecutively
4 nights/3 weeks etc in a row
She’s been out four nights in a row.
I’ve beaten her three times in a row.

4. used in the name of some roads:
22 Church Row

5. a hard/tough row to hoe used to say that a particular situation is difficult

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II. row2 /raʊ/ noun British English

1. [countable] a short angry argument, especially between people who know each other well Synonym : quarrel
row with
He had just had a row with his wife.
row about
What was the row about?
a family row
a blazing row (=a very angry argument)

2. [countable] a situation in which people disagree strongly about important public matters Synonym : controversy
row about/over
a new row over government secrecy

3. [singular] a loud unpleasant noise that continues for a long time Synonym : racket:
Stop that row – I’m trying to get to sleep!

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III. row3 /rəʊ $ roʊ/ verb
[intransitive and transitive] to make a boat move across water using oars
row away/towards/across
She rowed across the lake.
Jenny used to row at college (=as a sport).
—row noun [singular]:
Why don’t we go for a row?
—rower noun [countable]

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IV. row4 /raʊ/ verb [intransitive]
British English to argue in an angry way
row about
They rowed about money all the time.

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/req/ noun
ADJ. bottom, middle, top | back, front | horizontal, vertical | double, single | neat She arranged the chairs in two neat rows.
serried serried rows of vines
endless endless rows of identical houses
PREP. in a/the ~ The children stood in a row. It rained for five days in a row (= without a break). We have seats in the front row.
~ of a long row of shops
PHRASES the end/middle of the row, rows and rows, row upon row He looked down at row upon row of eager faces.

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/raq/ noun
I. argument
ADJ. almighty, awful, big, bitter, blazing, fearful, ferocious, fierce, flaming, furious, great, huge, major, serious, terrible, tremendous, unholy, violent We had a blazing row over who should do the cooking.
domestic, family | stand-up A couple was having a stand-up row in the street.
public | drunken | long-running | diplomatic, political
VERB + ROW have | kick up I'm going to kick up a row if I don't get my money back.
ROW + VERB blow up, break out, develop, erupt A row blew up over pay rises for ministers.
go on, rage (on)
PREP. in a/the ~ He came to prominence in the row over defence policy.
~ about/over Carol and I had a terrible row about how much money she spends.
~ between a row between the left and right wings of the party
~ with a row with my mother

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II. loud noise
ADJ. unholy
VERB + ROW make Someone's making an unholy row outside.
ROW + VERB go on, rage (on) The row went on and on.

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have a row
Have you and Peter had a row?
a huge row
They had a huge row when he got back home early yesterday.
a furious row
She left the party after a furious row with her boyfriend.
a blazing/flaming row (=a very angry row)
She had a blazing row with Eddie and stormed out of the house.
a stand-up row (=a very angry row)
That night there was a stand-up row among the four kidnappers.
a family row
When he turned up late, there was a family row.
an unholy row informal (=a very angry row)
An unholy row broke out between two of the men drinking in the bar.

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BAD: There was already a long row of passengers waiting to be checked in.
GOOD: There was already a long queue of passengers waiting to be checked in.

Usage Note:
row = a line of people or things: 'Along one side of the river there was a row of cottages.' 'When our coach arrived at the hotel, the staff were standing in a row waiting to greet us.' 'At school I always used to sit in the front row.'
queue = (British English) a line of people standing one behind the other, waiting for a bus, to buy a ticket, etc: 'I never go to the bank at lunchtime because of the long queues.'

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See: hard row to hoe or tough row to hoe , hoe one's own row , skid row

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