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rowdy /ˈraʊdi/ adjective

پر سر و صدا ، خشن ، داد و بیداد کن ، سرکش ، سر و صدا و اشوب کردن
- disorderly, loud, noisy, rough, unruly, wild
- hooligan, lout, ruffian, tearaway (Brit.), yob or yobbo (Brit. slang)
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I. rowdy1 /ˈraʊdi/ adjective
[Date: 1800-1900; Origin: Perhaps from row 'unpleasant noise' (18-21 centuries)]
behaving in a noisy rough way that is likely to cause arguments and fighting:
gangs of rowdy youths
—rowdily adverb
—rowdiness noun [uncountable]
—rowdyism noun [uncountable]

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II. rowdy2 noun (plural rowdies) [countable usually plural]
old-fashioned someone who behaves in a rough noisy way

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