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ruffle /ˈrʌfəl/ verb [transitive]

طبل زدن ، موجدار کردن (مثل باد براب) ، بر هم زدن ، ناصاف کردن ، ناهموار کردن ، ژولیده کردن ، گره زدن ، براشفتن ، تلاطم ، علوم نظامی: صدای طبل اهسته
- disarrange, dishevel, disorder, mess up, rumple, tousle
- annoy, agitate, fluster, irritate, nettle, peeve (informal), upset

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I. ruffle1 /ˈrʌfəl/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Perhaps copying the action]

1. (also ruffle something ↔ up) to make a smooth surface uneven:
He ruffled her hair affectionately.
A light wind ruffled the water.

2. to offend or upset someone slightly:
Louise’s sharp comments had ruffled his pride.
ruffle sb’s feathers (=offend someone)

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II. ruffle2 noun [countable]
a band of thin cloth sewn in folds as a decoration around the edge of something such as a collar

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