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Rugby /ˈrʌɡbi/
rugby /ˈrʌɡbi/ (also ˌrugby ˈfootball) noun [uncountable]

رگبی (یکنوع توپ بازی) ، ورزش: بازی رگبی
Rugby /ˈrʌɡbi/
a town in central England best known for the public school (=expensive private school) called Rugby School, where the game of rugby was first played

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rugby /ˈrʌɡbi/ (also ˌrugby ˈfootball) noun [uncountable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Origin: Rugby School in England, where the game is said to have been invented]
an outdoor game played by two teams with an oval (=egg-shaped) ball that you kick or carry

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ADJ. amateur, professional | competitive, representative | junior, school, student, youth | senior | club, league | first-class, international, test, world | touch | mini Kids from six years old play mini rugby at the club.
running The crowd enjoyed the Fijians' running rugby.
QUANT. game
VERB + RUGBY play | watch
RUGBY + NOUN scrum, tackle | club, side, team | ball, jersey, shirt | championship, game, international, match | tour | ball, posts | boots, jersey | field, pitch | forward, international, player the former rugby international, Serge Blanco
coach | official | career | season | buff, enthusiast, fan, follower, supporter | circles, community, folk, fraternity, people In rugby circles, there is nothing but criticism for the coverage of sport on terrestrial TV.
country, nation
PHRASES Rugby League, Rugby Union
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