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ruin /ˈruːən, ˈruːɪn/ verb [transitive]
ruin noun

ورشکستگی ، نابودی ، خرابی ، خرابه ، ویرانه ، تباهی ، خراب کردن ، فنا کردن ، فاسد کردن ، علوم مهندسی: منهدم کردن ، بازرگانی: از بین رفتن فاسد شدن
- destroy, crush, defeat, demolish, devastate, lay waste, smash, wreck
- bankrupt, impoverish, pauperize
- spoil, blow (slang), botch, damage, make a mess of, mess up, screw up (informal)
- destruction, breakdown, collapse, defeat, devastation, downfall, fall, undoing, wreck
- disrepair, decay, disintegration, ruination, wreckage
- bankruptcy, destitution, insolvency
Antonyms: restore
Contrasted words: rebuilding, reconstruction, re-creation, rebuild, renew, restore, reclaim, redeem, retrieve, salvage
Related Idioms: play hob (or the devil) with, go under, lose one's shirt (or pants), take to the cleaners
Related Words: crumbling, disintegration, break up, dissolution, disrepair, wreck, deface, disfigure, maim, mangle, mutilate, depredate, desecrate, desolate, despoil, devastate, devour, pillage, sack, spoliate, waste, corrupt, debase, degenerate, vitiate, beggar, clean out, deplete, drain, draw, draw down, exhaust, use up, wipe (out), reduce
English Thesaurus: bitter, sharp, sour, acidic, tangy, ...

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I. ruin1 S3 /ˈruːən, ˈruːɪn/ verb [transitive]

1. to spoil or destroy something completely:
This illness has ruined my life.
His career would be ruined.
All this mud’s going to ruin my shoes.

2. to make someone lose all their money:
Jefferson was ruined by the lawsuit.

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II. ruin2 noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: ruine, from Latin ruina]

1. [uncountable] a situation in which you have lost all your money, your social position, or the good opinion that people had about you:
small businesses facing financial ruin
be on the road to ruin (=be doing something that will make you lose your money, position etc)

2. [countable] (also ruins) the part of a building that is left after the rest has been destroyed:
an interesting old ruin
the ruins of a bombed-out office block

3. the ruins of something the parts of something such as an organization, system, or set of ideas that remain after the rest have been destroyed:
the ruins of a government that once held so much promise

4. be/lie in ruins
a) if a building is in ruins, it has fallen down or been badly damaged
b) if someone’s life, a country’s economy etc is in ruins, it is affected by very great problems:
Her marriage was in ruins.

5. fall into ruin (also go to ruin) if something falls into ruin, it gets damaged or destroyed because no one is taking care of it:
He had let the farm go to ruin.

6. be the ruin of somebody to make someone lose all their money, their good health, the good opinion that other people have of them etc:
Drinking was the ruin of him.
go to rack and ruin at rack1(4)

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I. spoilt state
ADJ. complete, utter
VERB + RUIN fall into, go to The cottage gradually fell into ruin.
PHRASES be the ruin of sb/sth Drink has been the ruin of her.
go to rack and ruin They've let the house go to rack and ruin.

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II. end of success, hopes, etc.
ADJ. economic, financial | political
VERB + RUIN face The company faces ruin over the new road plans.
bring, lead to, mean, spell The cost would have meant financial ruin for us.
save from
PHRASES on the brink/verge of ruin, the road to ruin He's on the road to political ruin.

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III. damaged building, town, etc.
ADJ. ancient | charred, smoking the charred ruins of their home
abbey, castle, etc.
VERB + RUIN be/lie in ~ The church now lies in ruins.
leave sth in ~ The earthquake left the town in ruins.
PREP. ~s of the ancient ruins of Jericho

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ADV. completely, quite, totally The experience has completely ruined her life.
nearly | partly | effectively | financially The long legal battle ruined him financially.
VERB + RUIN threaten to A knee injury threatened to ruin her Olympic hopes.
be going to All this mud is going to ruin my shoes.

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financial ruin (=when someone loses all or most of their money)
She faces financial ruin after losing the court case.
economic ruin (=when someone loses all their money or when a country loses a lot of its trade, industry, and wealth)
Their policies have been driving this country to economic ruin for the past 13 years.
political ruin
The scandal left the government on the brink of political ruin.
social ruin (=when someone loses their position or rank in society)
In those days, breaking off your engagement could mean social ruin.
face ruin
Many shopkeepers are facing ruin.
mean ruin (=cause ruin for somebody)
They fear that the proposals could mean ruin for small football clubs.
spell ruin (=cause ruin for somebody)
Unwise investment can spell financial ruin.
lead to ruin
This policy could lead to utter ruin.
save somebody from ruin
He believes the invention saved him from financial ruin.
bring ruin on/to somebody (=cause ruin for somebody)
Her behaviour brought ruin on her family.
drive somebody to ruin (=cause ruin for somebody)
Farmers told how foot-and-mouth disease was driving them to ruin.
be on the brink/verge of ruin (=be close to ruin)
The recession could leave many businesses on the brink of ruin.
be on the road to ruin (=be certain to happen at some time in the future)
Is America on the road to ruin?

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