run away
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run away
Synonyms: flee, abscond, bolt, do a runner (slang), escape, fly the coop (U.S. & Canad. informal), make a run for it, scram (informal), take to one's heels

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run away phrasal verb (see also run)

1. to leave a place, especially secretly, in order to escape from someone or something
run away from
Toby ran away from home at the age of 14.runaway2

2. to try to avoid dealing with a problem or difficult situation
run away from
You can’t just run away from your responsibilities.

3. to secretly go away with someone in order to marry them or live with them:
They ran away together to get married.

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run away
run away (from (someone/something))
to leave a person or place secretly and suddenly.
Vinnie ran away from home when he was 16.

to avoid someone or something unpleasant.
You can't run away from your problems by watching videos all day.

It is a disease and there is no cure, but you must not run away from people with AIDS.

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run away
v. To leave and not plan to come back; go without permission; escape.
Many times Tommy said he would run away from home, but he never did.
The guards in jail make sure that none of the prisoners run away.
Compare: GET AWAY.

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