run out
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باخر رسیدن ، خسته شدن ، مردود شدن
run out
Synonyms: be used up, be exhausted, dry up, end, fail, finish, give out

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run out phrasal verb (see also run)

a) to use all of something and not have any more left:
I’ve got money you can borrow if you run out.
run out of
They ran out of money and had to abandon the project.
He’d run out of ideas.
b) if something is running out, there will soon be none left:
We must act now because time is running out.
My patience was running out.
His luck had run out (=there was none left).

2. if an agreement, official document etc runs out, the period for which it is legal or has an effect ends Synonym : expire:
My contract runs out in September.

3. run out of steam informal (also run out of gas American English) to have no more energy or no longer be interested in what you are doing:
The team seemed to have run out of gas.

4. run somebody out of town old-fashioned to force someone to leave a place, because they have done something wrong

5. run somebody ↔ out to end a player’s innings in the game of cricket by hitting the stumps with the ball while they are running

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run out
run out (of (something))
to have no more of something.
He just ran out of ideas.

Time simply ran out.

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run out
to force someone to leave, to expel someone
The police ran the drug dealers out of town.

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run out
1a. To come to an end; be used up.
Jerry almost got across the brook on the slippery stones but his luck ran out and he slipped and fell.
We'd better do our Christmas shopping; time is running out.
Synonym: GIVE OUT5.
1b. To use all of the supply; be troubled by not having enough.
The car ran out of gas three miles from town.
Millie never runs out of ideas for clever party decorations.
Compare: RUN SHORT.
2. informal To force to leave; expel.
Federal agents ran the spies out of the country.

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