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saddle /ˈsædl/ noun [countable]

صفحه رنده بند ماشین تراش ، گردنه ، پایه ، زمین زینی شکل ، پالان زدن ، سواری کردن ، تحمیل کردن ، زین کردن ، علوم مهندسی: حائل ، معماری: حایل ، ورزش: زین ، علوم نظامی: گردنه
Synonyms: burden, encumber, load, lumber (Brit. informal)
Related Idioms: hang like a millstone around one's neck
Related Words: hamper, impede, restrict, impose, inflict

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I. saddle1 /ˈsædl/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: sadol]

1. a leather seat that you sit on when you ride a horse

a seat on a bicycle or a motorcycle

3. in the saddle informal
a) riding a horse:
We did six or eight hours in the saddle every day.
b) in a position in which you have power or authority:
He always has to be in the saddle, controlling everything.

4. saddle of lamb/hare/venison a large joint of meat taken from the middle of the animal’s back

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II. saddle2 verb [transitive]
to put a saddle on a horse
saddle up phrasal verb
to put a saddle on a horse
saddle something ↔ up
He was in the stable, saddling up his horse.
saddle somebody with something phrasal verb
to make someone have a job or problem that is difficult or boring and that they do not want:
I’ve been saddled with organizing the whole party!
Many farms were saddled with debts.

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See: in the saddle

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