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sail /seɪl/ verb

سفر دریایی را اغاز کردن ، راندن ، کشتیرانی کردن ، بادبان برافراشتن بادبان ، بادبان ، شراع کشتی بادی ، هر وسیله ای که با باد بحرکت دراید ، باکشتی حرکت کردن روی هوا با بال گسترده پرواز کردن ، با ناز وعشوه حرکت کردن ، نجوم: شراع ، بازرگانی: با کشتی حمل کردن ، ورزش: مسافرت با قایق بادی ، علوم هوایی: سطح تختی که متوجه خورشید یا اجسام سماوی دیگر میباشد و به فضاپیما متصل میشود ، علوم نظامی: حرکت در روی جاده یا دریا

: sail 1

علوم دریایی: بادبان

: sail 2

علوم دریایی: بادبانی کردن

: sail 3

حرکت کردن (کشتی) ، علوم دریایی: حرکت کردن

: sail 4

علوم دریایی: - navigate
- embark, set sail
- glide, drift, float, fly, skim, soar, sweep, wing
- pilot, steer

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I. sail1 S3 /seɪl/ verb

1. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive] to travel on or across an area of water in a boat or ship
sail across/into/out of etc
the first Europeans to sail across the Atlantic
Three tall ships sailed past.
She always wanted to sail around the world.
sail the Pacific/the Atlantic etc
We’re taking two months off to sail the Caribbean.

2. [intransitive] to start a journey by boat or ship:
We sail at dawn.
sail for
They’re sailing for Antigua next week.

3. [intransitive and transitive] to direct or control the movement of a boat or ship that has a sail:
Blake sailed the ship safely through the narrow passage.
My father taught me to sail.

4. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move quickly and smoothly through the air
sail through/over/into etc
A ball came sailing over the fence.

5. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move forwards gracefully and confidently:
She sailed into the room.

6. sail close to the wind British English to do or say something that is nearly wrong, illegal, or dishonest
sail through something phrasal verb
to succeed very easily in a test, examination etc:
Adam sailed through his final exams.

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II. sail2 noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: segl]

1. [countable] a large piece of strong cloth fixed onto a boat, so that the wind will push the boat along:
a yacht with white sails
hoist/lower the sails (=put the sails up or down)

2. set sail to begin a journey by boat or ship
set sail for/from
The following week the ‘Queen Elizabeth’ set sail for Jamaica.

3. under sail literary moving along on a ship or boat that has sails

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ADJ. main | canvas
VERB + SAIL hoist, raise | drop, lower | adjust, trim | fill The dinghy gathered speed as the wind filled her sails.
reef, shorten | furl
SAIL + VERB billow, flap The bay was full of yachts with billowing sails.
SAIL + NOUN area, shape, size | canvas
PREP. under ~ The yacht came in under sail and anchored near us.
PHRASES the days of sail The boat is preserved as a monument to the days of sail.
in/under full sail She advanced towards us like a galleon in full sail.
set sail (for) We set sail for France at first light.

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ADV. serenely | single-handed to sail single-handed around the world
away, back, on, out, past The boat sailed serenely on towards the horizon.
VERB + SAIL learn to | teach sb to
PREP. across sailing across the English Channel
down, for The ferry sails for Southampton at 5.30.
from, into We sailed the boat out into the middle of the lake.
on We sailed on a large ocean liner. sailing on the sea | out of sailing out of the harbour | to sailing from Dover to Calais. | up, etc.

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See: set sail , rake the wind out of one's sails

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