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sanction /ˈsæŋkʃən/ noun
sanction verb [transitive]

جریمه ضمانت اجرا ، تصدیق ، مجازات اقتصادی ، تصویب کردن ، فرمان ، فتوای کلیسایی ، سوگند ، تصویب ، جواز ، تایید رسمی ، دارای مجوز قانونی دانستن ، ضمانت اجرایی معین کردن ، ضمانت اجرایی قانون ، قانون ـ فقه: ضمانت اجرا ، تجویز کردن ، بازرگانی: مجازات کردن ، مجازات ، ورزش: به رسمیت شناختن
- permission, approval, authority, authorization, backing, O.K. or okay (informal), stamp or seal of approval
- often plural: ban, boycott, coercive measures, embargo, penalty
- permit, allow, approve, authorize, endorse
Antonyms: interdiction, interdict
Contrasted words: restraint, debarment, interdict, prohibition, disapprobation, disapproval, objection, ban, disallow, forbid, prohibit
Related Words: approval, authorization, consent, permission, approbation, confirmation, encouragement, ratification, recommendation, support, authorize, commission, license
English Thesaurus: allow, let, permit, give somebody permission, give your consent, ...

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I. sanction1 /ˈsæŋkʃən/ noun
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin sanctio, from sancire; saint]

1. sanctions [plural] official orders or laws stopping trade, communication etc with another country, as a way of forcing its leaders to make political changes ⇒ embargo
sanctions against
US sanctions against Cuba
a resolution to impose sanctions (=start using sanctions) on North Korea
the threat of trade sanctions
The UN Security Council may impose economic sanctions.
Any talk about lifting sanctions (=ending them) is premature.

2. [uncountable] formal official permission, approval, or acceptance Synonym : approval:
Apparently, the aide had acted without White House sanction.

3. [countable] formal a form of punishment that can be used if someone disobeys a rule or law Synonym : punishment:
the harshest possible sanction which could be imposed

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II. sanction2 verb [transitive] formal

1. to officially accept or allow something Synonym : approve:
The church refused to sanction the king’s second marriage.

2. be sanctioned by something to be made acceptable by something:
a barbaric custom, but one sanctioned by long usage

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I. official permission
ADJ. official | divine, religious
VERB + SANCTION give sb/sth The conference gave its official sanction to the change of policy.
PREP. with/without sb/sth's ~ No decision can be taken without the sanction of the complete committee.

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II. punishment
ADJ. heavy, severe, strict | final, ultimate | effective | limited | available The school will use all available sanctions to maintain discipline.
civil, criminal, disciplinary | legal, penal, social
VERB + SANCTION impose | use
PREP. ~ against There were strict sanctions against absenteeism.
~ for Employers imposed heavy sanctions for union activity.

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III. (usually sanctions) against a country
ADJ. punitive | international, UN | economic, financial, military, trade
VERB + SANCTION impose | lift | break Some companies have broken sanctions by supplying arms to the warring states.
call for
SANCTION + NOUN order The company is in breach of a sanctions order.
busting Several firms were under investigation for sanctions busting.
PREP. ~ against The UN called for sanctions against the invading country.
PHRASES the imposition of sanctions, the lifting of sanctions, a threat of sanctions

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ADV. officially | legally, socially Slavery was once socially sanctioned.
tacitly He had tacitly sanctioned repression against the opposition parties.
VERB + SANCTION refuse to

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economic/trade sanctions
The United Nations is considering new economic sanctions.
international sanctions
International sanctions were imposed on Iraq after it invaded Kuwait in 1990.
tough/strict sanctions (=severe)
Due to strict sanctions, the country is unable to import the medicines it needs.
impose sanctions (=start using them)
The US imposed economic sanctions on Panama.
lift sanctions (=stop using them)
Washington has since refused to lift sanctions.
ease sanctions (=make them less strict)
The last administration decided to ease sanctions against Cuba.
enforce sanctions (=make sure they are obeyed)
The UN will have the job of enforcing the sanctions.
break/violate sanctions (=send something to another country when this is not allowed)
Several companies broke trade sanctions by continuing to export weapons to the country.

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