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saturated /ˈsætʃəreɪtəd, ˈsætʃəreɪtɪd/ adjective

مشبع ، اشباع شده ، سیر شده ، علوم مهندسی: اشباع ، معماری: اشباع شده ، علوم هوایی: اشباع شده
Synonyms: soaked, drenched, dripping, soaking (wet), sodden, sopping (wet), waterlogged, wet through
English Thesaurus: wet, damp, moist, clammy, soggy, ...

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saturated /ˈsætʃəreɪtəd, ˈsætʃəreɪtɪd/ adjective

1. extremely wet Synonym : soaked Antonym : dry
saturated with
a T-shirt saturated with sweat

2. technical if a chemical mixture is saturated, it has had as much of a solid mixed into it as possible

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