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sauce /sɔːs $ sɒːs/ noun

سوس ، اب خورش ، جاشنی غذا ، رب ، چاشنی زدن به ، خوشمزه کردن ، نم زدن
Synonyms: back talk, guff, jaw, lip, mouth, sass, liquor, alcohol, aqua vitae, booze, budge, drink, firewater, grog, hooch, juice
Related Words: pertness, sauciness

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sauce S3 /sɔːs $ sɒːs/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin salsa, from sallere 'to add salt to', from sal 'salt']

1. [uncountable and countable] a thick cooked liquid that is served with food to give it a particular taste
tomato/cheese/wine etc sauce
vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce
spaghetti sauces

2. [uncountable] British English old-fashioned rude remarks made to someone that you should respect:
Less of your sauce, my girl!

3. what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander used to say that if one person is treated in a particular way, other people should be treated in the same way

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ADJ. thick, thin | creamy | piquant, rich, spicy, tangy | delicate | smooth | lumpy | barbecue, chilli, soy, sweet and sour, Tabasco, tomato, white (= made from butter, flour and milk), etc. fish in white sauce
VERB + SAUCE make | thicken | reduce | pour on/over sth, spoon on/over sth Pour the sauce over the pasta.
SAUCE + VERB thicken
SAUCE + NOUN bottle
PREP. in ~ chicken in white wine sauce
with ~ We had lamb with mint sauce.
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See: hit the sauce

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