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scathe noun. [skeɪð] Now arch. & dial. Also (Scot.) skaith.
scathe verb trans. [skeɪð] Also (Scot.) skaith.

زیان ، صدمه زدن ، رنجه دادن ، سبب خسارت شدن
Synonyms: lambaste, blister, castigate, excoriate, flay, lash (into), scarify, scorch, scourge, slash
Related Idioms: give holy hell, give the business, rip (someone) up one side and down the other

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scathe (skāth)
tr.v. scathed, scath·ing, scathes
To harm or injure, especially by fire.
To criticize or denounce severely; excoriate.
Harm or injury.

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[Middle English skathen, from Old Norse skadha.]

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