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scheme /skiːm/ noun [countable]

(نقشه) ، پروژه (پیش افکند) ، برنامه ، ترتیب ، رویه ، تدبیر ، تمهید ، نقشه طرح کردن ، توطئه چیدن ، معماری: سامان سازی ، روانشناسی: طرح ، بازرگانی: برنامه تبلیغاتی ، شکل ، علوم نظامی: نقشه
کامپیوتر: برنامه پزشکی: کروکی

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- plan, programme, project, proposal, strategy, system, tactics
- diagram, blueprint, chart, draft, layout, outline, pattern
- plot, conspiracy, intrigue, manoeuvre, ploy, ruse, stratagem, subterfuge
- plan, lay plans, project, work out
- plot, collude, conspire, intrigue, machinate, manoeuvre
Related Words: presentation, proposal, proposition, suggestion, arrangement, order, ordering, contrivance, device, expedient
English Thesaurus: plan, plot/conspiracy, scheme, strategy, initiative, ...

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I. scheme1 S2 W1 AC /skiːm/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: schema 'arrangement, figure', from Greek, from echein 'to have, hold, be in a condition']

1. British English an official plan that is intended to help people in some way, for example by providing education or training Synonym : program American English:
The money will be used for teacher training schemes.
a pension scheme
scheme for
schemes for two new cross-city lines
scheme to do something
a new scheme to boost exports
pilot scheme (=something that is done on a small scale in order to see if it is successful enough to be done on a larger scale)
The pilot scheme proved to be a great success.

2. a clever plan, especially to do something that is bad or illegal – used in order to show disapproval:
a get-rich-quick scheme
scheme to do something
a scheme to pass false cheques

3. a system that you use to organize information, ideas etc ⇒ schematic:
a classification scheme

4. in the scheme of things in the way things generally happen, or are organized:
the unimportance of man in the whole scheme of things
colour scheme

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II. scheme2 AC verb [intransitive]
to secretly make clever and dishonest plans to get or achieve something Synonym : plot
scheme to do something
She schemed to kill him with poison.
scheme against
He became aware that people were scheming against him and called an emergency meeting.
She’s nothing but a lying, scheming little monster!
—schemer noun [countable]

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ADJ. major | ambitious, grand, grandiose | imaginative, ingenious, innovative | crazy, hare-brained, ill-conceived | successful | voluntary | pilot The project is based on a successful pilot scheme in Glasgow.
incentive, insurance, pension, recycling, share, training, etc.
VERB + SCHEME have He has an ingenious scheme to attract funding.
come up with, design, devise, draw up, dream up, plan, prepare, propose, think up She's come up with a hare-brained scheme for getting her novel published.
approve | announce, establish, initiate, introduce, launch, organize, set up, start The government set up a scheme of limited public health assistance in 1992.
adopt, carry out, operate, run | back a government-backed scheme
be in, join, participate in, take part in | use | leave I opted to leave the company pension scheme.
abolish, wind up
SCHEME + VERB offer sth, provide sth | allow sth, enable sth The scheme allows customers to trade in their own computer against the cost of a new one.
aim to, be aimed at sth, be designed for/to, involve sth a scheme involving local libraries
apply to sth, cover sth The scheme applies to families with three or more children.
go ahead, proceed The scheme has been given approval to go ahead.
succeed, work | collapse, fail
PREP. in a/the ~ Schools in the scheme will receive an annual grant.
under a/the ~ Under the scheme, land would be sold to building companies.
~ for Is this another one of your crazy schemes for making money? a training scheme for unemployed teenagers
~ whereby a scheme whereby the elderly will be provided with help in the home

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a major scheme
The government is introducing a major housebuilding scheme in the area.
a new scheme
The new scheme aims to reduce street crime by 30%.
an innovative scheme (=using new ideas)
an innovative scheme to help the unemployed get back to work
a grand scheme (=trying to achieve a lot)
In the end, the government’s grand scheme came to nothing.
a pilot scheme (=one that is tried on a small scale first to see if it is a good idea)
The programme was introduced into 100 primary schools in a very successful pilot scheme.
a training scheme
The company runs an apprentice training scheme.
a pension scheme
Does your employer offer a pension scheme?
a compensation/bonus etc scheme (=in which people receive compensation, a bonus etc)
a new compensation scheme for accident victims
an incentive scheme (=in which people receive money to persuade them to work harder)
There is a generous incentive scheme for the sales force.
introduce/launch a scheme
The scheme was launched last autumn by the company’s education officer.
run/operate a scheme
Parent volunteers help run the scheme.
be covered by a scheme (=be able to benefit from a scheme)
All employees are covered by the new bonus scheme.

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