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scope /skəʊp $ skoʊp/ noun

حدود ، طول زنجیر ارتفاع سنج ناو ، هدف عملیات ، میدان دید ، حیطه عمل ، وسیله دیدبانی یا بینایی ، چشم انداز ، گستره ، دامنه ، هدف ، نقطه توجه ، طرح نهایی ، فحوا ، منظور ، مفاد ، مطمح نظر ، میدان دید ، ازادی عمل ، میدان ، قلمرو ، حوزه ، وسعت ، نوسان نما ، عمران: میدان و برد و حدود ، قانون ـ فقه: وسعت ، روانشناسی: حیطه ، بازرگانی: دامنه رسیدگی ، محدوده ، ورزش: طول طناب لنگر بیرون از اب ، علوم نظامی: منظور از عملیات
- opportunity, freedom, latitude, liberty, room, space
- range, area, capacity, orbit, outlook, reach, span, sphere

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I. scope1 W3 AC /skəʊp $ skoʊp/ noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Italian; Origin: scopo 'purpose', from Greek skopos]

1. [uncountable] the range of things that a subject, activity, book etc deals with
scope of
the need to define the scope of the investigation
measures to limit the scope of criminals’ activities
beyond/outside/within the scope of something
A full discussion of that issue is beyond the scope of this book.
widen/broaden/extend etc the scope of something
Let us extend the scope of the study to examine more factors.
narrow/limit etc the scope of something
The court’s ruling narrowed the scope of the affirmative action program.
limited/wider etc in scope
His efforts were too limited in scope to have much effect.

2. [uncountable] the opportunity to do or develop something
scope for
The scope for successful gardening increases dramatically with a greenhouse.
there is considerable/great/little etc scope for something
There is considerable scope for further growth in the economy.

3. [singular] informal a particular set of activities and the people who are involved in them Synonym : scene
the music/cinema/club etc scope

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II. scope2 verb
scope somebody/something ↔ out phrasal verb American English informal
to look at something or someone to see what they are like:
Let’s go inside and scope out the menu.

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I. opportunity
ADJ. full In her new house she had full scope for her passion for gardening.
ample, considerable, enormous, great, tremendous | limited
VERB + SCOPE have | allow (sb), give sb, leave (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with) These courses give students more scope for developing their own ideas.
increase | cut down, reduce
PREP. ~ for There is limited scope for creativity in my job.

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II. range/extent
ADJ. broad, wide | limited, narrow The scope of the exhibition is disappointingly narrow.
geographical, territorial The geographical scope of product markets has widened since the war.
VERB + SCOPE broaden, expand, extend, increase, widen | limit, reduce, restrict | define, determine These criteria were used to determine the scope of the curriculum.
SCOPE + VERB broaden, expand, extend, increase, widen | narrow
PREP. beyond/outside the ~ of The subject lies outside the scope of this book.
in (sth's) ~ The survey is too limited in (its) scope.
within the ~ of These disputes fall within the scope of the local courts.

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The new book has a broader scope.
The scope of the research was quite limited.
widen/broaden the scope of something
The police are widening the scope of their investigation.
extend/expand the scope of something
They may extend the scope of the project.
narrow/limit the scope of something
He had severely limited the scope of his autobiography.
define the scope of something (=say exactly what the scope is)
The group’s first task was to define the scope of the review.
come/fall within the scope of something (=be included in it)
Banks and building societies fall within the scope of the new legislation.
fall outside the scope of something (=not be included in it)
His later exploits in Persia fall outside the scope of this book.
be limited/restricted in scope
The law is quite limited in scope.
be national/international/global in scope (=include a whole country, several countries, or the whole world)
Some markets are local while others are national or international in scope.

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