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scout /skaʊt/ noun [countable]

دیده وری کردن ، پیشاهنگ ، پیش اهنگ ، پیشاهنگی کردن ، دیده بانی کردن ، عملیات اکتشافی کردن پوییدن ، دیده بان ، مامور اکتشاف ، ورزش: ارزیابی حریف اینده ، علوم نظامی: دیده ور گشت زنی و نگهبانی دادن ، علوم دریایی: دیده وری
- vanguard, advance guard, lookout, outrider, precursor, reconnoitrer
- reconnoitre, investigate, observe, probe, recce (slang), spy, survey, watch
Related Idioms: run reconnaissance
Related Words: look (over), survey, observe, check out, examine, case, inspect, mock, ridicule

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I. scout1 /skaʊt/ noun [countable]

a) the Scouts an organization for boys that teaches them practical skills
b) (also boy scout) a boy who is a member of this organization

2. (also Girl Scout) American English a girl who is a member of an organization for girls that teaches them practical things Synonym : guide British English

3. a soldier, plane etc that is sent to search the area in front of an army and get information about the enemy:
He sent three scouts ahead to take a look at the bridge.

4. (also talent scout) someone whose job is to look for good sports players, musicians etc in order to employ them:
He was spotted by a scout at the age of 13.

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II. scout2 verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: escouter 'to listen', from Latin auscultare]

1. [intransitive] (also scout around/round) to look for something in a particular area
scout for
I’m scouting round for a place to stay.

2. [transitive] (also scout out) to examine a place or area in order to get information about it:
American companies are keen to scout out business opportunities in Vietnam.

3. [intransitive and transitive] to find out about the abilities of sports players, musicians etc in order to employ them

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See: good egg or good scout

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