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scream /skriːm/ verb
scream noun [countable]

جیغ زدن ، ناگهانی گفتن ، جیغ
- cry, bawl, screech, shriek, yell
- cry, howl, screech, shriek, yell, yelp
Related Idioms: let out a scream (or shriek or screech), raise a howl
Related Words: screak, squeak, cry, yell, bellow, roar, caterwaul, howl, wail, yawl, complain, grumble, protest, blare
English Thesaurus: shout, yell, call (out), cry (out), scream, ...

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I. scream1 S3 /skriːm/ verb

1. [intransitive] to make a loud high noise with your voice because you are hurt, frightened, excited etc Synonym : shriek:
After the first few shots, people started screaming.
a screaming baby
scream with/in
She jumped to her feet, screaming in terror.
The children were screaming with laughter.
She was screaming her head off (=screaming a lot).
She began to scream blue murder (=scream very loudly).
He was dragged kicking and screaming to a nearby van.

2. [intransitive and transitive] (also scream out) to shout something in a very loud high voice because you are angry or frightened Synonym : yell:
‘Get out!’ she screamed.
He screamed out her name.
scream for
I screamed for help.
scream at
He screamed at her to go away.
The crowd continued to scream abuse at him.

3. [intransitive] to make a very loud high noise:
The police car approached, its siren screaming.

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II. scream2 noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Perhaps from Middle Dutch schreem]

1. a loud high sound that you make with your voice because you are hurt, frightened, excited etc Synonym : shriek:
We heard screams coming from the flat.
She saw the knife and let out a scream.
scream of laughter/terror etc
He fell back with a scream of terror and pain.

2. a very loud high sound:
the scream of a jet taking off

3. a scream informal someone or something that is very funny:
The film was a scream!

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ADJ. high-pitched, loud, piercing, shrill | muffled, stifled | blood-curdling, hysterical, terrible, terrified
VERB + SCREAM give, let out | hear
SCREAM + VERB echo, ring out His screams echoed through the empty house.
PREP. with a ~ She reacted to the news with hysterical screams.
~ for a scream for help
~ of screams of laughter/terror

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ADV. aloud | loudly | silently Despair shook him and he screamed silently in the darkness.
hysterically, shrilly, wildly | almost | out
VERB + SCREAM want to I was so bored I wanted to scream.
begin to | hear sb
PREP. after Marion screamed after them, ‘Stop! Stop!’
at She screamed at me to get out of the way.
for The trapped passengers screamed for help.
in People ran for the exits, screaming out in terror.
with People were staggering about, screaming with pain.
PHRASES begin/start screaming, scream your head off The baby was screaming its head off.
stop screaming

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scream loudly
I just screamed as loudly as I could.
scream wildly (=in a loud and uncontrolled way)
Poor George, screaming wildly, was carried upstairs by his father.
scream hysterically (=in a completely uncontrolled way)
Some of the girls started screaming hysterically.
scream with laughter/delight
She threw her head back and screamed with laughter.
scream in/with pain
We could hear her screaming in pain.
scream in terror/agony etc
He screamed in fear and panic, and banged frantically on the door.
scream your head off (=scream a lot)
At least the idiot wasn’t panicking and screaming his head off.
scream blue murder informal (=scream very loudly with fear or anger)
She flew into a rage and screamed blue murder at him.

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