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INFORMAL vocabulary

scrunch /skrʌntʃ/ verb [intransitive]

صدای بهم خوردن چیزی (مثل صدای سنگریزه) ، درهم شکستن ، بهم فشردن ، مچاله کردن ، منقبض کردن
Synonyms: chew, champ, chaw, chomp, chonk, chump, crunch, masticate, munch, ruminate, crumple, crimp, crimple, crinkle, rimple, ruck (up), ruckle, rumple, screw, wrinkle

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scrunch /skrʌntʃ/ verb [intransitive] informal
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: crunch]
if stones, leaves etc scrunch as you walk on them, they make a noisy sound:
The dry leaves scrunched under our feet.
—scrunch noun [singular]:
the scrunch of gravel
scrunch something ↔ up phrasal verb

1. to crush and twist something into a small round shape:
I scrunched up the letter and threw it in the bin.

2. scrunch up your face/eyes to move the muscles in your face in a way that makes your eyes seem narrow:
He scrunched up his eyes and grinned.

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