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scrupulous /ˈskruːpjələs, ˈskruːpjʊləs/ adjective

محتاط ، وسواسی ، ناشی از وسواس یا دقت زیاد
- moral, conscientious, honourable, principled, upright
- careful, exact, fastidious, meticulous, precise, punctilious, rigorous, strict
Antonyms: unscrupulous, remiss
Contrasted words: questionable, shifty, slippery, dishonorable, unprincipled, dishonest, careless, undiscriminating, unparticular
Related Words: fair-minded, strict, upstanding, critical, fastidious

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scrupulous /ˈskruːpjələs, ˈskruːpjʊləs/ adjective

1. very careful to be completely honest and fair Antonym : unscrupulous:
Not all lawyers are as scrupulous as she is.
scrupulous honesty
scrupulous in (doing) something
The organization will be scrupulous in maintaining the highest moral standards.

2. doing something very carefully so that nothing is left out Synonym : fastidious
scrupulous about (doing) something
He was not very scrupulous about keeping himself clean.
scrupulous attention to detail
—scrupulously adverb:
scrupulously clean
scrupulously fair

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