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scrutinize (also scrutinise) /ˈskruːtənaɪz, ˈskruːtɪnaɪz/ verb [transitive]

موشکافی کردن ، مورد مداقه قراردادن ، بدقت بررسی کردن
Synonyms: examine, explore, inspect, investigate, peruse, pore over, probe, scan, search, study
Related Idioms: turn a careful (or heedful) eye to (or on)
Related Words: look over, overlook, peruse, pore (over), scan, consider, contemplate, weigh, penetrate, pierce, probe, analyze, dig (into), dissect, comb
English Thesaurus: article, story, piece, feature, review, ...

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scrutinize (also scrutinise British English) /ˈskruːtənaɪz, ˈskruːtɪnaɪz/ verb [transitive]
to examine someone or something very carefully:
He scrutinized the document.
She scrutinized his face.

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ADV. carefully, closely, minutely | fully, thoroughly
PREP. for All parts of the aircraft are closely scrutinized for signs of wear or damage.

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