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sea /siː/ noun

موج ، دریا ، معماری: دریا ، علوم نظامی: دریایی
کامپیوتر: نرم افزاری برای مشاهده عکس

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- ocean, main, the deep, the waves
- expanse, abundance, mass, multitude, plethora, profusion
- at sea: bewildered, baffled, confused, lost, mystified, puzzled
English Thesaurus: the sea, the ocean, waters, bay, gulf, ...

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sea S2 W1 /siː/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: ]

1. [uncountable and countable] especially British English the large area of salty water that covers much of the Earth’s surface Synonym : ocean:
Jay stripped his clothes off and ran into the sea.
Most exports went by sea.
a little cottage by the sea
He spent over 30 years at sea.
They stood side by side looking out to sea.

2. [countable] a large area of salty water that is mostly enclosed by land:
the Mediterranean Sea

3. sea of something a very large number of people or things that all look similar:
He looked out at the sea of faces.

4. (all) at sea confused or not sure what to do:
Living in a foreign country can mean you’re always at sea about what’s going on.

5. the seas literary the sea – used especially when you are not talking about a particular ocean
across the seas (=far away)
They came from lands across the seas.

6. [countable] one of the broad areas that seem flat on the moon and Mars

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I. large area of salt water
ADJ. calm, smooth a calm sea after the storm
choppy, rough The sea was too rough for sailing in small boats.
deep | shallow | blue, grey | cold | warm | inland | open The fishing boats headed for the open sea.
VERB + SEA cross We crossed the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise ship.
go to (= become a sailor) | put (out) to The ship put to sea (= left port) in deteriorating weather conditions.
be lost at They were lost at sea when their ship sank en route for Madeira.
stare out to She stood on the cliff, staring out to sea.
SEA + VERB rise In recent years the sea has risen by a couple of inches.
recede, retreat The sea has retreated a little since the river was diverted.
SEA + NOUN water | bottom, floor | breeze | creature | port (also seaport), voyage | cliff, front, view
PREP. at ~ We spent three weeks at sea.
across the ~ We sailed across the Black Sea in a yacht.
by (the) ~ We sent our furniture by sea. They live by the sea.
down to the ~ We'll go down to the sea for a swim before dinner.
in/into the ~ I love swimming in the sea!
on the ~ three ships sailing on the sea
out to ~ She fell overboard and was swept out to sea.
PHRASES the bottom/edge/middle/surface of the sea, the boom/booming/murmur/roar/sound of the sea

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II. (also
the seas
) movement of the waves of the sea

ADJ. choppy, dangerous, heavy, mountainous, raging, rough, stormy A week of heavy seas has created problems for fishermen.
VERB + SEA roam, sail He has sailed the seven seas.
PHRASES on the high seas, the seven seas

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III. large amount of sth
ADJ. vast
PREP. ~ of She scanned the vast sea of faces below her.

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The sun shone brightly upon the clear blue sea.
The sea was perfectly calm.
rough (=with big waves)
The sea was too rough to swim in.
choppy (=with a lot of small waves)
The wind was starting to pick up and the sea was becoming choppy.
The yachts bobbed around on the choppy sea.
heavy seas (=a rough sea)
The tanker split apart and sank in heavy seas.
a stormy sea
a picture of a battleship in a stormy sea
the open sea (=the part of the sea that is far away from land)
Rescuers are trying to drive the stranded whales back out into the open sea.
the deep sea (=the water deep under the surface of the sea)
The deep sea is the most unexplored area left on the planet.
cross the sea
Our ancestors crossed the sea in small boats.
go to sea (=go to work on a ship)
He went to sea when he was eighteen.
put to sea (=sail a boat away from land)
The refugees put to sea in rickety rafts.
be lost at sea formal (=be drowned in the sea)
His father had been lost at sea three months before.
be swept out to sea (=be taken far away from land by the sea)
They had to rescue three young canoeists who were swept out to sea.
sea water
Removing salt from sea water is an expensive process.
a sea view
All the bedrooms have a sea view.
sea level
Average sea levels are rising year on year.
the sea air (=the air close to the sea)
He breathed in the fresh sea air.
the sea bed (also the sea floor) (=the land at the bottom of the sea)
A lot of these small creatures feed on the sea bed.

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BAD: Every day Kino went out to the sea to look for the pearl.
GOOD: Every day Kino went out to sea to look for the pearl.

Usage Note:
go/head/swim/drift etc out to sea (WITHOUT the ): 'Just ten minutes after getting on board, we were heading out to sea.'

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