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sell /sel/ verb (past tense and past participle sold /səʊld $ soʊld/)

Irregular Forms: (sold)

فروش ومعامله ، فروختن ، بفروش رفتن ، قانون ـ فقه: به فروش رفتن ، بازرگانی: فروختن
- trade, barter, exchange
- deal in, handle, market, peddle, retail, stock, trade in, traffic in
Antonyms: buy, purchase
Related Words: barter, deal (in), exchange, trade, traffic, hawk, peddle, vend, command, draw, realize, return, yield, gross, net
English Thesaurus: product, goods, commodity, merchandise, wares, ...

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I. sell1 S1 W1 /sel/ verb (past tense and past participle sold /səʊld $ soʊld/)
[Language: Old English; Origin: sellan]

1. GIVE SOMETHING FOR MONEY [intransitive and transitive] to give something to someone in exchange for money Antonym : buy:
If you offer him another hundred, I think he’ll sell.
He regrets selling all his old records.
sell something for £100/$50/30p etc
Toni’s selling her car for £700.
sell somebody something
I won’t sell you my shares!
sell something to somebody
The vase was sold to a Dutch buyer.
sell something at a profit/loss (=make or lose money on a sale)
Tony had to sell the business at a loss.

2. MAKE SOMETHING AVAILABLE [intransitive and transitive] to offer something for people to buy:
Do you sell cigarettes?
a job selling advertising space
sell at/for £100/$50/30p etc (=be offered for sale at £100/$50/30p etc)
Smoke alarms sell for as little as five pounds.

3. MAKE SOMEBODY WANT SOMETHING [transitive] to make people want to buy something:
Scandal sells newspapers.
sell something to somebody
The car’s new design will help sell it to consumers.

4. BE BOUGHT [intransitive and transitive] to be bought by people:
Tickets for the concert just aren’t selling.
Her last book sold millions of copies.
All the new houses have been sold.
sell well/badly (=be bought by a lot of people, or very few people)
Anti-age creams always sell well.

5. sell like hot cakes to sell quickly and in large amounts

6. IDEA/PLAN [intransitive and transitive] to try to make someone accept a new idea or plan, or to become accepted:
It’s all right for Washington, but will it sell in small-town America?
sell something to somebody
It’s hard for any government to sell new taxes to the electorate.
sell somebody something
managers selling employees the new working hours
be sold on (doing) something (=think an idea or plan is very good)
Joe’s completely sold on the concept.

7. sell yourself
a) to make yourself seem impressive to other people:
If you want a promotion, you’ve got to sell yourself better.
b) (also sell your body) to have sex with someone for money

8. sell somebody/something short to not give someone or something the praise, attention, or reward that they deserve:
Don’t sell yourself short – tell them about all your qualifications.

9. sell your soul (to the devil) to agree to do something bad in exchange for money, power etc

10. sell somebody down the river to do something that harms a group of people who trusted you, in order to gain money or power for yourself

11. sell your vote American English to take money from someone who wants you to vote for a particular person or plan

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II. sell2 noun
a hard/tough sell (also not an easy sell) something that it is difficult to persuade people to buy or accept:
This tax increase is going to be a hard sell to voters.
hard sell, soft sell

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ADV. cheaply
VERB + SELL be able to, can/could | want to | plan to | try to They are still trying to sell their house.
be expected to, expect to The novel was expected to sell between 1,000 and 1,500 copies.
be willing to | be forced to The company has been forced to sell land to recoup some of the losses.
be/prove difficult to, be/prove hard to The property proved hard to sell.
PREP. at We sell these little notebooks at £1 each.
for They sold their house for £147,000.
to She sold her car to a friend.
PHRASES buy and sell (sth) Many banks are willing to buy and sell shares on behalf of customers.
PHRASAL VERBS sell sth off
ADV. cheaply Derelict inner-city sites could be sold off cheaply for housing.

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