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Se·ni·or /ˈsiːniə $ -ər/ (written abbreviation Sr. Snr)
senior adjective
senior noun [countable]

تنیس باز سالمند ، مسابقه گلف برای بازیگران بالاتراز سن معین بازیگر سالمند ، بزرگتر ، مهتر ، ارشد ، بالاتر ، بالارتبه ، قدیمی ، ورزش: مسابقه دو برای بالاترین سطح بدون شرط سنی
- higher ranking, superior
- older, elder, major (Brit.)
Antonyms: junior
Contrasted words: inferior, subordinate, underling
English Thesaurus: senior, chief, high-ranking, top, junior, ...

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Se·ni·or /ˈsiːniə $ -ər/ (written abbreviation Sr. American English Snr British English)
used after the name of a man who has the same name as his son ⇒ Junior:
John J. Wallace, Sr.

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I. senior1 W2 adjective
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: 'older', from senex 'old']

1. having a higher position, level, or rank ⇒ junior:
the senior Democrat on the House committee
White men hold most of the jobs in senior management.
the senior partner in a law firm
senior to
He is also a diplomat, but senior to me.

2. [only before noun] British English a senior competition is for older people or for people at a more advanced level:
I won the 60-metre race, my first senior success.

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II. senior2 noun [countable]

1. American English a student in their last year of high school or university ⇒ freshman, junior, sophomore:
Jen will be a senior this year.

2. especially American English a senior citizen:
Seniors can get a 10% discount.

3. be two/five/ten etc years sb’s senior to be two, five, ten etc years older than someone ⇒ junior:
Her husband was nine years her senior.

4. British English an adult or a person who has reached an advanced level in a particular sport ⇒ junior:
Juniors and seniors train together on Wednesdays.

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ADV. very a meeting of all the very senior officers
fairly, quite, relatively | enough, sufficiently She wasn't senior enough to take such a decision.
PREP. to Is Mark senior to you?

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senior management
Within the week senior management approved her proposal.
senior staff
Some senior staff criticized the headteacher's behaviour.
a senior manager
She's now a senior manager for a large toy company.
a senior executive (=in a company)
All the company's senior executives get large bonuses.
a senior official (=in an organization)
a meeting of senior government officials
a senior officer (=in the police or military)
Inspector Wild is the senior officer in charge of the investigation.
a senior partner (=in a law firm etc)
He was a senior partner in a prestigious Canadian law firm.
a senior member
The President announced a reshuffle involving several senior members of his Cabinet.

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