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sensational /senˈseɪʃənəl/ adjective

شورانگیز ، مهیج ، احساساتی ، موثر ، حسی
- dramatic, amazing, astounding, exciting, melodramatic, shock-horror (facetious), shocking, thrilling
- excellent, fabulous (informal), impressive, marvellous, mean (slang), mind-blowing (informal), out of this world (informal), smashing (informal), superb
Contrasted words: exact, factual, dignified, formal, proper, restrained
Related Words: juicy, piquant, pungent, colored, extravagant, coarse, vulgar, impressive, stunning, boffo, crashing, rousing, slambang, smash, smashing, superfine

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sensational /senˈseɪʃənəl/ adjective

1. very interesting, exciting, and surprising:
a sensational discovery
The show was a sensational success.
a sensational 6–0 victory

2. intended to interest, excite, or shock people – used in order to show disapproval:
sensational newspaper stories
sensational headlines

3. informal very good Synonym : stunning:
She looked sensational.
—sensationally adverb

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