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setting /ˈsetɪŋ/ noun [countable]

کلاف ، خودگیری ، گیرش ، صحنه پردازی ، اهنگ ، مقام ، جای نگین ، قرارگاه ، کار گذاری ، وضع ظاهر ، محیط ، زمینه ، نشاندن ، علوم مهندسی: نصب ، الکترونیک: شدت مجاز ، معماری: صحنه واقعه ، روانشناسی: زمینه ، ورزش: افزودن به وقت بازی
الکترونیک: اهنگ ، مقام ، کلاف ، قرارگاه ، نصب ، علوم مهندسی: افزودن به وقت بازی ، ورزشی: خودگیری ، گیرش ، صحنه پردازی ، صحنه واقعه ، معماری: زمینه ، روانشناسی: شدت مجاز ، الکترونیک: اهنگ ، مقام ، جای نگین ، قرارگاه ، کار گذاری ، وضع ظاهر، محیط، زمینه ، نشاندن کامپیوتر: تنظیمات

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Synonyms: background, backdrop, context, location, scene, scenery, set, site, surroundings
English Thesaurus: place, position, point, spot, location, ...

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setting W2 /ˈsetɪŋ/ noun [countable]

1. the place where something is or where something happens, and the general environment
beautiful/perfect/magnificent/idyllic setting
an old farmhouse in a beautiful setting
setting for
Cyprus is the perfect setting for a beach holiday.
I’ve worked with children in various settings, mainly in secondary school.

2. the place or time where the events in a book, film etc happen
setting for
Verona is best known as the setting for two of Shakespeare’s plays.
The island was used by Dickens as the setting for Oliver Twist.

3. the position in which you put the controls on a machine or instrument:
The heating system was already on its highest setting.

4. the metal that holds a stone in a piece of jewellery, or the way the stone is fixed
in a ... setting
a diamond ring in a gold setting

5. music that is written to go with a poem, prayer etc

6. the setting of the sun literary the time when the sun goes down Synonym : sunset
place setting

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I. place where sth happens
ADJ. unlikely The hospital is an unlikely setting for an art auction.
unfamiliar | natural wild animals in their natural setting
attractive, beautiful, charming, delightful, idyllic, lovely, magnificent, perfect, picturesque | dramatic | peaceful, secluded, tranquil | intimate | formal, informal | rural | contemporary biblical stories in a contemporary setting
social The French Club offers the chance to practise your language skills in a social setting.
work In a work setting, more formal language would be used.
hospital, laboratory, etc. | cultural, educational, historical | domestic, family elderly people living in a domestic setting
VERB + SETTING create, provide The park provides the perfect setting for the play.
PREP. in a/the … ~ a hotel in a beautiful setting of landscaped gardens
~ for a lovely setting for a picnic
~ in a dramatic setting in Cornwall
~ of the rural setting of Petrarch's sonnets

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II. of controls
ADJ. high, low, moderate | default, standard
VERB + SETTING adjust, change | increase, reduce
PREP. at a/the ~ The oven should be at a high setting.

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a beautiful/lovely/magnificent setting
The event takes place in the magnificent setting of Bramham Park.
a perfect/ideal setting
The castle was a perfect setting for the wedding.
an idyllic setting (=a very beautiful and peaceful place)
Three artists have come together to paint and teach in an idyllic setting in West Sussex.
an unlikely setting
This quiet suburb may seem an unlikely setting for a top restaurant.
a rural/urban setting
The research station is located in a rural setting.
provide a setting
The hotel provides an ideal setting for conferences.

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