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seventy /ˈsevənti/ number

هفتاد ساله ، عدد یا علامت هفتاد
seventy /ˈsevənti/ number
[Language: Old English; Origin: seofontig, from seofon 'seven']

1. the number 70

2. the seventies [plural] (also the '70s, the 1970s) the years from 1970 to 1979:
We lost touch during the seventies.
the early/mid/late seventies
In the early seventies, Sag Harbor was still a peaceful village.

3. be in your seventies to be aged between 70 and 79
early/mid/late seventies
Bill must be in his mid seventies now.

4. in the seventies if the temperature is in the seventies, it is between 70 degrees and 79 degrees
in the low/mid/high seventies
sunny, with temperatures in the mid seventies
—seventieth adjective:
her seventieth birthday

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