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several /ˈsevərəl/ determiner, pronoun

جداگانه ، مجزا ، انفرادی مربوط به خود ، چند تن ، بعضی ، چندین ، برخی از ، جدا ، مختلف ، متعدد ، قانون ـ فقه: چند تا
Synonyms: some, different, diverse, manifold, many, sundry, various
Related Idioms: not a few
Related Words: independent, personal, special, specific, particular, separate, single, few, considerable, many, numerous
English Thesaurus: several, a number of something, quite a fe

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I. several1 S1 W1 /ˈsevərəl/ determiner, pronoun
a number of people or things that is more than a few, but not a lot:
I visited him in Kansas several times.
Several people have volunteered to go.
several hundred/thousand etc
The bill came to several hundred pounds.
‘Have you read any of his books?’ ‘Yes, several.’
several of
Several of her colleagues agreed with her decision.
We had to wait several more weeks before the results arrived.

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II. several2 adjective [only before noun, no comparative] formal
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Anglo-French; Origin: Medieval Latin separalis, from Latin separare; separate2]
different and separate Synonym : respective:
They shook hands and went their several ways (=went in different directions).
—severally adverb:
These issues can be considered severally, or as a whole.

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BAD: The phrase 'the role of women' appeared just several years ago.
GOOD: The phrase 'the role of women' appeared just a few years ago.
BAD: Try to forget your work for several hours and relax.
GOOD: Try to forget your work for a few hours and relax.

Usage Note:
Several means 'some but not many': 'Chicken will keep for several days in a refrigerator.'
When you are talking about a very small number, use a few : 'He was here just a few minutes ago so he can't be far away.'

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