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severely /səˈvɪəli, sɪˈvɪəli $ -ˈvɪr-/ adverb

- strictly, harshly, sharply, sternly
- seriously, acutely, badly, extremely, gravely
Related Words: markedly

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severely /səˈvɪəli, sɪˈvɪəli $ -ˈvɪr-/ adverb

1. very badly or to a great degree:
The town was severely damaged in the war.
She’s now severely disabled.

2. in a strict way:
Parents don’t punish their children so severely these days.

3. in a very unfriendly or disapproving way:
‘Stop behaving like a fool!’ she said severely.

4. in a plain simple style with little or no decoration:
a severely dressed woman

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severely damaged
The hotel was severely damaged by fire last November.
severely disabled/injured
An unnecessary operation left him severely disabled.
severely ill formal
a hospital ward for severely ill patients
severely affected
The town is already severely affected by aircraft noise.
severely limited
Time for discussion is severely limited.
severely restricted
Access to the power station has always been severely restricted.

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