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shaped adjective. [ʃeɪpt]

بشکل درامده
shaped adjective. [ʃeɪpt] M16.
[from SHAPE noun, verb: see -ED2, -ED1.]
1. That has been shaped; formed, fashioned, etc. M16.
shaped charge an explosive charge having a cavity which causes the blast to be concentrated into a small area.

2. Having a shape of a specified kind. Freq. as 2nd elem. of comb. L16.
heart-shaped, kidney-shaped, lyre-shaped, oyster-shaped, S-shaped, U-shaped, etc.

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ADV. beautifully, perfectly her beautifully shaped mouth
grotesquely | irregularly | awkwardly All the rooms in the house were awkwardly shaped.
curiously, oddly, strangely an oddly shaped parcel
specially You can buy specially shaped bricks for an arch.
PHRASES be shaped like sth curious vases shaped like birds and animals

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