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shield /ʃiːld/ noun [countable]
shield verb [transitive]

غلاف ، زره ، بدنه محافظ ، دیواره محافظ ، محافظت کردن ، حفاظت کردن درمقابل ، مانع شدن ، مانع ، سپر مغناطیسی ، حامی ، پوشش محافظ ، محفظه ، سپرشدن ، بوسیله سپر حفظ کردن ، حفاظ پیدا کردن ، علوم مهندسی: پوشش ، الکترونیک: غلاف ، معماری: روپوش اب بند ، علوم نظامی: حافظ
الکترونیک: حفاظت کردن ، غلاف ، سپر ، پوشش ، علوم مهندسی: روپوش اب بند ، معماری: سپر ، زره ، بدنه محافظ ، دیواره محافظ ، محافظت کردن ، حفاظت کردن درمقابل ، مانع شدن ، مانع ، حافظ ، علوم نظامی: سپر مغناطیسی ، غلاف ، الکترونیک: سپر، پوشش ، حامی ، حفاظ، پوشش محافظ، محفظه ، سپرشدن ، بوسیله سپر حفظ کردن ، حفاظ پیدا کردن

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- protection, cover, defence, guard, safeguard, screen, shelter
- protect, cover, defend, guard, safeguard, screen, shelter
Antonyms: expose
Related Idioms: give cover (or shelter) to, take (or shield) under one's wing
Related Words: buffer, bumper, screen
English Thesaurus: port, harbour, dock, pier, jetty, ...

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I. shield1 /ʃiːld/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: scield]

a) a large piece of metal or leather that soldiers used in the past to protect themselves when fighting
b) a piece of equipment made of strong plastic, used by the police to protect themselves against angry crowds Synonym : riot shieldhuman shield

a) something in the shape of a shield, wide at the top and curving to a point at the bottom, that is given as a prize for winning a competition, especially a sports competition
b) a drawing or model of a shield, wide at the top and curving to a point at the bottom, that is used as a coat of arms

3. something that protects a person or thing from harm or damage
shield against
The immune system is our body’s shield against infection.

4. American English the small piece of metal that a police officer wears to show that they are a police officer Synonym : badge

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II. shield2 verb [transitive]
to protect someone or something from being harmed or damaged:
Women will often lie to shield even the most abusive partner.
shield somebody/something from somebody/something
He held up his hands, shielding his eyes from the sun.
import tariffs that shield firms from foreign competition

Shield is used mostly in journalism or literature. In everyday English, people usually say protect:
He used his hands to protect his eyes from the sun.

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I. used to protect the body
ADJ. riot
VERB + SHIELD be armed with, be equipped with, carry, have | act as Look for something that can act as a shield, like a dustbin lid.
PREP. behind a/the ~ a row of police officers behind their riot shields
on a/the ~ She did not recognize the coat of arms on his shield.

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II. sb/sth used for protecting yourself
ADJ. protective | human | nuclear | heat The nose of the space capsule is protected by a heat shield.
breast, face, gum, hand
VERB + SHIELD use sb/sth as They used 400 hostages as human shields.
PREP. ~ against The ozone layer forms a shield against harmful solar rays.

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ADV. partially, partly | carefully He carefully shielded the flame with his cupped hand.
VERB + SHIELD try to trying to shield the children from the full horrors of the war
PREP. against She raised her hand to shield her eyes against the sun.
from new laws to shield companies from foreign competition
with He shielded her with his body.

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Secret Headquarters of Intelligence Espionage and Law Division 
Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division (Marvel comics)

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SHIELD is an interagency export control committee that reviews licenses involving chemical or biological weapons.

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