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shift /ʃɪft/ verb
shift noun [countable]

کلید مبدل ، تغییر دادن ، گروهکار ، نوبتکار ، تغییر محل شعاعی ، جابجایی شعاعی ، شیفت کار ، انتقال دادن اتش ، تغییرمکان دادن اتشها و یا یکانها ، حرکت دادن ، جابجائی ، تغییر جهت ، بوش ، تناوب ، نوبتی ، استعداد ، ابتکار ، تعبیه ، نقشه خائنانه ، حقه ، توطئه ، پخش کردن ، تعویض کردن ، تغییر مکان دادن ، انتقال دادن ، تغییر مسیر دادن ، تغییرمکان ، نوبت کار ، مبدله ، تغییردادن ، علوم مهندسی: تغییر جهت ، کامپیوتر: جابجا کردن ، عمران: نوبت کاری ، معماری: جابجایی مرکز قوس ، روانشناسی: جابه جایی ، بازرگانی: حرکت ، ورزش: نوبتکاری ، تغییر محل برای مهار بازیگر خطرناکتر ، علوم نظامی: انتقال تیر دادن
الکترونیک: تغییر مکان ، نوبت کار ، کلید مبدل ، نوبت کار ، انتقال ، جابجا کردن ، کامپیوتر: تعویض ، نوبتکاری ، تربیت بدنی: تغییر دادن ، تغییر مکان ، انتقال ، تغییر جهت ، علوم مهندسی: تغییر محل برای مهار بازیگر خطرناکتر ، ورزشی: گروهکار ، نوبتکار ، تغییر محل شعاعی ، جابجایی شعاعی ، جابجایی مرکز قوس ، معماری: نوبت کار ، شیفت کار ، انتقال دادن ، انتقال دادن اتش ، تغییرمکان دادن اتشها و یا یکانها ، حرکت دادن ، انتقال تیر دادن ، علوم نظامی: نوبت کاری ، عمران: جابه جایی ، روانشناسی: انتقال ، جابجایی ، حرکت ، اقتصاد: تغییر مکان ، انتقال ، تغییر جهت ، بوش ، تناوب ، نوبت ، تعویض ، نوبت کار، نوبتی ، استعداد، ابتکار، تعبیه ، نقشه خاینانه ، حقه ، توطیه ، پخش کردن ، تعویض کردن ، تغییر مکان دادن ، انتقال دادن ، تغییر مسیر دادن ، تغییرمکان ، نوبت کار، مبدله ، تغییردادن کامپیوتر: کلید شیفت ، کلید جابجا کننده

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- move, budge, displace, move around, rearrange, relocate, reposition
- move, displacement, rearrangement, shifting
Related Idioms: shift place, fend for oneself, make do, make it alone, make shift, paddle one's own canoe, stand on one's own two feet
Related Words: alter, change, vary, budge, stir, shuffle, relocate, contrive, survive, freelance, progress, succeed, gambit, maneuver, ploy, strategy
English Thesaurus: change, alter, adapt, adjust, modify, ...

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I. shift1 S3 W3 AC /ʃɪft/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: sciftan 'to divide, arrange']

a) [intransitive and transitive] to move from one place or position to another, or make something do this:
Joe listened, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to another.
She shifted her gaze from me to Bobby.
b) [transitive] British English informal to move something, especially by picking it up and carrying it:
Give me a hand to shift these chairs.

2. CHANGE ATTENTION [transitive] to change a situation, discussion etc by giving special attention to one idea or subject instead of to a previous one
shift something away/onto/from etc
The White House hopes to shift the media’s attention away from foreign policy issues.
attention/emphasis/focus shifts
In this stage of a rape case, the focus often shifts onto the victim and her conduct.
shift gear American English (=change what you are doing)
It’s hard to shift gear when you come home after a busy day at work.

3. CHANGE OPINION [intransitive and transitive] if someone’s opinions, beliefs etc shift, they change:
Public opinion was beginning to shift to the right (=become more right-wing).
shifting attitudes towards marriage
He refused to shift his ground (=change his opinion).

4. shift the blame/responsibility (onto somebody) to make someone else responsible for something, especially for something bad that has happened:
It was a clear attempt to shift the responsibility for the crime onto the victim.

5. COSTS/SPENDING [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to change the way that money is paid or spent Synonym : direct:
the need to shift more resources towards reducing poverty

6. DIRT/MARKS [transitive] British English to remove dirt or marks from a surface or piece of clothing:
a new washing powder that will shift any stain

7. IN A CAR [intransitive and transitive] especially American English to change the gears when you are driving Synonym : change British English:
I shifted into second gear.

8. SELL [transitive] British English informal to sell a product, especially a lot of it:
The store shifted over 1,000 copies of the book last week.

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II. shift2 AC noun [countable]

1. a change in the way people think about something, in the way something is done etc
shift from/to
the shift from one type of economic system to another
shift in
an important shift in policy
a marked shift (=noticeable change) in attitudes towards women

a) if workers in a factory, hospital etc work shifts, they work for a particular period of time during the day or night, and are then replaced by others, so that there are always people working
do/work a (10-/12-/24- etc hour) shift
Dave had to work a 12-hour shift yesterday.
I work shifts.
night/day etc shift
The thought of working night shifts put her off becoming a nurse.
early/late shift
I’m on the early shift tomorrow.
shift work/worker/working
people who do shift work
A shift system has been introduced.
b) the workers who work during one of these periods
night/day/early/late shift
before the early shift goes off duty

3. a shift key:
To run the spell-checker, press SHIFT and F7.

4. (also shift dress) a simple straight loose-fitting woman’s dress

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I. change
ADJ. distinct, dramatic, fundamental, major, marked, profound, pronounced, radical, significant, substantial | discernible | slight, subtle | gradual | abrupt, sudden | decisive, irreversible, long-term | climate, cultural, demographic, ideological, policy, population
VERB + SHIFT be, represent These proposals represent a dramatic shift in policy.
bring about, cause, lead to, produce, result in | mark, see The moment marked a significant shift in attitudes to the war.
detect I detected a subtle shift towards our point of view.
explain one factor which may explain the president's policy shift
SHIFT + VERB occur, take place These climate shifts occurred over less than a decade.
PREP. ~ between the many shifts between verse and prose that occur in Shakespeare
~ (away) from the shift away from direct taxation
~ in a shift in public opinion
~ to a sudden shift to the right in British politics
~ towards a shift towards part-time farming

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II. division of the working day
ADJ. double, long, split I agreed to work double shifts for a few weeks.
day, early, late, night | eight-hour, ten-hour, etc. | afternoon, evening, morning, weekend
VERB + SHIFT be/come/go on, do, work (in) ~s I'm doing the early shift this week. I didn't realize that I'd have to work shifts. The clinic is staffed by ten doctors who work in shifts.
change (your) ~s It was 8.00 a.m. and the nurses were changing shifts. My husband has changed his shifts, from the afternoon shift to the night one.
be/go/come off
SHIFT + NOUN work | supervisor, manager, worker | pattern, system They'd altered his shift pattern twice in the past fortnight.
PREP. on a/the ~ a decision for the chief nurse on each shift

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I. move
ADV. slightly Julie shifted her position slightly and smiled.
impatiently, restlessly, uncomfortably, uneasily She shifted uncomfortably in her chair.
PREP. from She shifted her gaze away from the group of tourists.
onto He shifted his weight onto his left foot.
to Her eyes shifted to his face.
PHRASES shift from foot to foot

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II. change
ADV. dramatically, markedly The emphasis has shifted markedly in recent years.
slightly | effectively | simply We cannot simply shift the responsibility onto someone else.
gradually, slowly | rapidly | suddenly | constantly, continually constantly shifting alliances
VERB + SHIFT attempt to, try to trying to shift the blame onto the government
tend to | begin to
PREP. (away) from I felt the advantage had suddenly shifted away from us.
onto, to His sympathies rapidly shifted to the side of the workers.
towards These changes will shift the balance in higher education more towards science subjects.

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a big/major shift
There has recently been a big shift in the way people are accessing information.
a significant/marked shift (=big and noticeable)
There has been a significant shift in government policy on education.
a fundamental shift (=a complete change)
A fundamental shift in attitudes was underway.
a sudden shift
She immediately picked up his sudden shifts of mood.
a dramatic shift (=a big and sudden change)
Increased spending on the armed forces marks a dramatic shift in priorities.
a small/slight shift
There has been only a slight shift in income distribution.
a gradual shift
There has been a gradual shift in people’s attitudes towards cars.
a subtle shift (=a change which is small and not easy to notice)
Recently there has been a subtle shift in public opinion about the environment.
a policy shift
The policy shift was triggered by a sharp increase in violent crime.
a cultural shift
We all know there were cultural shifts in the 1960s that significantly changed our society.
mark/represent a shift
The idea represents a dramatic shift in health care policy.
cause/bring about a shift
The affair has brought about a shift in the government’s attitude towards immigration.
work a shift
They work quite long shifts.
do a shift
I did a 12-hour shift yesterday.
work in shifts
We had to work in shifts – four hours on and four off.
be on shift (=be working a shift)
He hardly sees the kids when he’s on shift.
be on the late/early/night etc shift (=be working a particular shift)
She’s on the late shift.
be on day/night shifts (=be working a series of day or night shifts)
He’s on night shifts all next week.
a night shift
She found it hard to stay awake during her night shifts at the factory.
a day shift
He’s going to be on day shifts for five days.
a morning/afternoon/evening shift
All the machines are cleaned at the end of every afternoon shift.
an early/late shift
Nobody wants to do the late shift.
a 12-hour/16-hour etc shift
We used to work eight-hour shifts.
the graveyard shift informal (=a shift that begins late at night or very early in the morning)
He chose to work the graveyard shift because the pay was slightly better.
a double shift (=when someone works two shifts one after the other)
He is only halfway through a 20-hour double shift.
shift work/working (=working shifts)
Does the job involve shift work?
a shift worker
The meetings are at different times so that shift workers have an opportunity to attend.
a shift system (=a system in which people work shifts)
A shift system was introduced in the department last year.

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