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shine /ʃaɪn/ verb (past tense and past participle shone /ʃɒn $ ʃoʊn/)

Irregular Forms: (shone)

تابیدن ، درخشیدن ، نورافشاندن ، براق کردن ، روشن شدن ، روشنی ، فروغ ، تابش ، درخشش ، علوم مهندسی: درخشندگی
- gleam, beam, flash, glare, glisten, glitter, glow, radiate, sparkle, twinkle
- polish, brush, buff, burnish
- stand out, be conspicuous, excel
- brightness, glare, gleam, light, radiance, shimmer, sparkle
- polish, gloss, lustre, sheen
Related Words: glimmer, glow, incandesce, luminesce, flash, sparkle, twinkle, flare, glare, finish
English Thesaurus: shine, flash, glare, flicker, twinkle, ...

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I. shine1 S3 /ʃaɪn/ verb (past tense and past participle shone /ʃɒn $ ʃoʊn/)
[Word Family: verb: shine, outshine; noun: shine, shininess; adjective: shiny]
[Language: Old English; Origin: scinan]

1. [intransitive] to produce bright light:
The sun was shining.
The moon shone brightly in the sky.
shine in/on
That lamp’s shining in my eyes.

2. [transitive] if you shine a light somewhere, you point it in that direction
shine something on/at/around etc something
Shine that torch over here, will you?

3. [intransitive] to look bright and smooth:
Marion polished the table until it shone.
She had shining black hair.

4. [transitive] (past tense and past participle shined) to make something bright by rubbing it Synonym : polish:
His shoes were shined to perfection.

5. [intransitive] if your eyes shine, or your face shines, you have an expression of happiness
shine with
‘It was wonderful!’ Kate replied, her eyes shining with excitement.

6. [intransitive not in progressive] to be very good at something:
The concert will give young jazz musicians a chance to shine.
shine at/in
Peter didn’t really shine at school.

7. shining example something or someone that is an excellent example of a particular quality and should be admired
shining example of
The house is a shining example of Art Deco architecture.

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II. shine2 noun
[Word Family: verb: shine, outshine; noun: shine, shininess; adjective: shiny]

1. [singular, uncountable] the brightness that something has when light shines on it:
Lucy’s dark hair seemed to have lost its shine.

2. take a shine to somebody informal to like someone very much when you have only just met them
(come) rain or shine at rain1(4)

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ADV. brightly, brilliantly The sun was shining brightly.
faintly | briefly | steadily | warmly | down, in, out Sunlight shone in through the window.
VERB + SHINE seem to (figurative) She seemed to shine with an inner radiance.
make sth You've really made that floor shine!
PREP. at The watchman shone his torch at us.
from (figurative) Love and pride shone from her eyes.
in The water was shining faintly in the moonlight.
like The dark wood shone like glass.
on/upon The light shone on his face.
with (figurative) His dark eyes shone with excitement.

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See: rain or shine , take a shine to

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