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shining adjective. ['ʃʌɪnɪŋ]

مسابقه بکمک نورافکن ، درخشان ، تابناک ، ورزش: پیدا کردن شکار در شب با نورافکن
Synonyms: bright, beaming, brilliant, gleaming, glistening, luminous, radiant, shimmering, sparkling

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shining adjective. ['ʃʌɪnɪŋ] OE.
[from SHINE verb + -ING2.]
1. That shines; lustrous, gleaming; radiant. Also, of rich or brilliant appearance, colour, attire, etc. OE.
A. Sillitoe Dust covered his shining toe-caps.
b. Botany & Mineralogy. Having a smooth even polished surface. E17.

2. Conspicuously excellent, distinguished, brilliant. Now rare exc. in shining example. OE.
E. E. Smith To her Moffatt's work seemed a shining example of the..movement.
Special collocations & phrases: improve the shining hour [after Isaac Watts Divine Songs] make good use of time; make the most of one's time. shining armour (freq. iron.) willingness or preparedness to devote oneself nobly to a good cause (knight in shining armour: see KNIGHT noun). shining cuckoo the golden-bronze cuckoo, Chalcites lucidus, of New Zealand and other Pacific islands. shining light [after John 5:35] a person conspicuously excellent in some respect. shining path [translating Spanish sendero luminoso] = SENDERO LUMINOSO.

shiningly adverb LME.

shiningness noun E18.

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