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shout /ʃaʊt/ verb

فغان ، فریاد زدن ، جیغ زدن ، داد زدن
- cry, bellow, call, roar, scream, yell
- cry (out), bawl, bellow, call (out), holler (informal), roar, scream, yell
Contrasted words: murmur, whisper
Related Words: exclaim, howl, scream, shriek, bawl, bellow, clamor, roar, vociferate, bark, bray
English Thesaurus: shout, yell, call (out), cry (out), scream, ...

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I. shout1 S2 W2 /ʃaʊt/ verb

1. [intransitive and transitive] to say something very loudly ⇒ scream, yell:
There’s no need to shout! I can hear you!
shout at
I wish you’d stop shouting at the children.
shout for
We could hear them shouting for help.
‘Watch out!’ she shouted, as the car started to move.
shout something at somebody
He was shouting insults at the lorry driver.
shout something to somebody
‘He’s down here!’ she shouted to Alison.

2. shout in pain/anger/frustration etc British English to call out loudly Synonym : scream American English:
Al shouted in pain.

3. shout something from the rooftops to tell everyone about something because you want everyone to know about it

4. [intransitive] to write in capital letters in an email, which makes it look as if the writer is angry

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II. shout2 noun

1. [countable] a loud call expressing anger, pain, excitement etc ⇒ scream, yell:
a warning shout
shout of
Tom gave a shout of laughter when he saw them.
shouts of delight

2. give somebody a shout British English spoken to go and find someone and tell them something:
Give me a shout when you’re ready to go.

3. a shout out to somebody informal a message to someone that is broadcast on radio, put on a website etc:
I just want to give a quick shout out to my friend Dave, who’s in hospital at the moment.

4. sb’s shout British English Australian English informal someone’s turn to buy drinks:
It’s my shout. Same again?

5. be in with a shout (of doing something) British English informal to have a chance of winning

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

ADJ. great, loud | low | faint, muffled | distant | sudden | angry, indignant | triumphant | raucous, wild | warning
VERB + SHOUT give, let out | hear I heard her warning shout too late.
be greeted with | give sb (figurative) Give me a shout if you'd like to come with us.
SHOUT + VERB echo, go up A great shout of excitement went up as she crossed the finishing line.
PREP. with a ~ With a shout of pain, he pulled his hand away from the hot stove.
~ from There were shouts of laughter from the crowd.
~ of
PHRASES a shout of anger/alarm/pain, a shout of laughter, a shout of victory
 ⇒ Note at SOUND

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ADV. aloud ‘I'm done for!’ he shouted aloud.
loudly | hoarsely | hysterically, wildly | angrily, furiously | almost He found he was almost shouting.
suddenly | back If they shout at you, shout back!
VERB + SHOUT want to | try to | open your mouth to He opened his mouth to shout, but no sound came out.
begin to, start to | hear sb I could hear him shouting down the telephone.
PREP. about What were they shouting about?
above We had to shout above the noise of the engines.
after We shouted after him, but he couldn't hear us.
at There's no need to shout at me!
for We shouted for help.
to He shouted to the lorry driver to stop.
PHRASES keep (on) shouting, shout and scream They were surrounded by people shouting and screaming.
shout at the top of your voice, shout yourself hoarse She shouted herself hoarse, cheering on the team.
start/stop shouting

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shout abuse/insults
He was surrounded by a group of boys who shouted abuse at him.
shout obscenities
They came to his apartment, shouting obscenities and threatening him.
shout slogans
They were carrying placards and shouting slogans.
shout orders
The lieutenant was shouting orders at the workmen.
shout sb’s name
Then she heard Ferdinando shout her name.
shout a warning
The man had shouted a warning to other passengers just before the blast.
shout for help
I opened my mouth to shout for help.
shout something angrily
‘Don’t touch me!’ he shouted angrily.
shout something loudly
He hears the voice of his downstairs neighbor shouting loudly.
shout yourself hoarse (=shout until your throat is sore)
Matthew shouted himself hoarse until he was discovered.
shout of the top of your voice (=shout as loudly as possible)
'Watch out!' he shouted at the top of his voice.
scream and shout
People were screaming and shouting in the streets.

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BAD: She made me so annoyed I felt like shouting to her.
GOOD: She made me so annoyed I felt like shouting at her.

Usage Note:
When you speak to someone in a loud voice because you are angry, you shout at them: 'I can't stand it when the children start fighting and shouting at each other.'

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