show up
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کسی را لو دادن ، حضور یافتن ، سر موقع حاضر شدن
show up
- stand out, appear, be conspicuous, be visible
- reveal, expose, highlight, lay bare
- embarrass, let down, mortify, put to shame
- arrive, appear, come, turn up
Related Words: discredit, invalidate

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show up phrasal verb (see also show)

1. informal to arrive, especially at the place where someone is waiting for you Synonym : turn up:
Seth showed up, apologising for being late.
We had 200 people show up for our seminar.

2. show something ↔ up to make it possible to see or notice something that was not clear before:
The sunlight showed up the marks on the window.

3. to be easy to see or notice:
Use a light colour which will show up on a dark background.

4. show somebody ↔ up to make someone feel embarrassed by behaving in a stupid or unacceptable way when you are with them Synonym : embarrass:
She says I showed her up in front of her friends when they came to the house.

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show up
show (someone) up
to do something that embarrasses someone or makes them seem stupid.
He's always boasting about how much money he's earned – like he's trying to show you up.

to arrive for a gathering or event.
We waited all day and he never showed up.

Demonstrators also have regularly shown up in front of her home.

to appear or be seen.
The virus does not show up in blood tests.

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show up up
1). to appear, to arrive, to be present
"What time did your friend show up for the party?"

2). to become easy to see
After we cleaned the vase the design began to show up. (someone) up
to make someone's faults apparent
The girl showed her friend up by doing all of her homework on time.

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show up
1. To make known the real truth about (someone).
The man said he was a mind reader, but he was shown up as a fake.
2. To come or bring out; become or make easy to see.
The detective put a chemical on the paper, and the fingertips showed up.
This test shows up your weaknesses in arithmetic.
3. informal To come; appear.
We had agreed to meet at the gym, but Larry didn't show up.
Only five students showed up for the class meeting.
Compare: TURN UP2.

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