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shriek /ʃriːk/ verb

جیغ زدن (مثل بعضی از پرندگان) ، فریاد دلخراش زدن ، جیغ ، فریاد
Synonyms: cry, scream, screech, squeal, yell
Related Words: squawk, yarm

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I. shriek1 /ʃriːk/ verb
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language]

1. [intransitive] to make a very high loud sound, especially because you are afraid, angry, excited, or in pain Synonym : scream:
They were dragged from their homes, shrieking and weeping.
He shrieked in agony.
shriek with
A group of students were shrieking with laughter.

2. [transitive] to say something in a high loud voice because you are excited, afraid, or angry Synonym : scream:
‘I’m pregnant,’ she shrieked.
shriek at
‘I’ll kill you,’ Anne shrieked at him.

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II. shriek2 noun [countable]
a loud high sound made because you are frightened, excited, angry etc Synonym : scream
shriek of
a shriek of laughter
with a shriek
With a shriek of delight, Jean hugged Maggie.
give/let out a shriek
Ella let out a piercing shriek.

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ADJ. loud | little She gave a little shriek of delight.
high-pitched, piercing
VERB + SHRIEK give, let out | hear
PREP. with a ~ She fell to the floor with a shriek of pain.
~ of Shrieks of laughter came from the bedroom.
PHRASES a shriek of delight/pain, a shriek of laughter
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ADV. aloud | all but, almost He all but shrieked when he saw her.
VERB + SHRIEK hear sb
PREP. at Stop shrieking at me!
in She shrieked in terror.
with The audience shrieked with laughter.

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