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shrill /ʃrɪl/ adjective

تیز ، روشن ، مصرانه ، صدای خیلی زیر ، شبیه صفیر ، جیغ کشیدن
Synonyms: piercing, high, penetrating, sharp
English Thesaurus: high, tall, majestic, soaring, towering, ...

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I. shrill1 /ʃrɪl/ adjective

1. a shrill sound is very high and unpleasant:
‘That’s not true,’ she protested in a shrill voice.
a shrill whistle
Fran uttered a shrill scream.

2. shrill complaints, criticism, demands etc are too loud or strong and seem unreasonable:
He hated the shrill demands of the children.
—shrillness noun [uncountable]
—shrilly /ˈʃrɪl-li, ˈʃrɪli/ adverb

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II. shrill2 verb

1. [intransitive] written to produce a very high and unpleasant sound:
The telephone shrilled twice.

2. [transitive] to say something in a very high voice:
‘I hate you!’ she shrilled.

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