shut down
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بستن ، تعطیل کردن ، تعطیل شدن ، بسته شدن ، تعطیل ، ورزش: شکست دادن حریف
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shut down
- stop, halt, switch off
- close, shut up
English Thesaurus: close, shut, slam, draw the curtains, put the lid on something, ...

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shut down phrasal verb (see also shut)

1. if a company, factory, large machine etc shuts down or is shut down, it stops operating, either permanently or for a short time:
Our local hardware shop has shut down.
shut something ↔ down
an accident which resulted in two of the plant’s nuclear reactors being shut down
The way to shut the machine down is to type EXIT.

2. shut somebody ↔ down informal to prevent an opposing team or player from playing well or getting points:
We all knew that to win we’d have to shut down Bobby Mitchell.

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shut down
to stop working or operating.
If the air conditioning system fails to turn on, the computers will overheat and shut down.

The radio station shut down all broadcasting last week.

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shut down
{v.} To stop all working, as in a factory; stop work entirely; also: to stop operations in.
The factory closed down for Christmas.

The company shut down the condom plant for Easter.

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