shut in
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حبس کردن ، مریض بستری
shut in
Synonyms: enclose, cage, close in, coop, envelop, hem, immure, mure, pen, wall
Synonyms: unsociable, aloof, cool, distant, offish, reserved, standoffish, touch-me-not-ish, uncompanionable, withdrawn
Antonyms: shut out

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shut somebody in (something) phrasal verb (see also shut)
a) if you shut someone in a room, you close the door and stop them from getting out:
Her parents shut her in an upstairs room.
He pushed the dogs into the breakfast room and shut them in.
b) shut yourself in (something) if you shut yourself in a room, you close the door and stay in there, and often stop other people from coming in:
Ellie darted back to her room and shut herself in.
He shut himself in his room and wrote letters.

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ˈshut-in noun [countable] American English
someone who is ill or disabled and cannot leave their house very easily

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