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sideways /ˈsaɪdweɪz/ adverb

از پهلو ، علوم مهندسی: جنبی
- obliquely, edgeways, laterally, sidelong, to the side
- oblique, sidelong
Contrasted words: straight, directly
Related Words: obliquely, indirectly

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sideways /ˈsaɪdweɪz/ adverb

1. to or towards one side:
A strong gust of wind blew the car sideways into the ditch.

2. with the side, rather than the front or back, facing forwards:
They brought the piano sideways through the front door.

3. if you are moved sideways at work, you are given a job that is different from, but is at the same level as, your old job:
He would be moved sideways, rather than demoted.
—sideways adjective:
a sideways glance
knock somebody sideways at knock1(13)

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