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sight /saɪt/ noun
sight verb [transitive]

وسیله تنظیم دید روی کمان ، دیداری ، سوراخ روشنی رسان ، سوراخ دید ، رصد کردن ستارگان ، میدان دید ، دوربین دیدن ، دوربین نشانه روی ، زاویه یاب توپ ، بینایی ، بینش ، باصره ، منظره ، تماشا ، الت نشانه روی ، جلوه ، قیافه ، جنبه ، چشم ، قدرت دید ، دیدگاه ، هدف ، دیدن ، دید زدن ، نشان کردن ، بازرسی کردن ، رویت کردن ، علوم مهندسی: نشان کردن ، معماری: شباک ، قانون ـ فقه: دیدن ، روانشناسی: بینایی ، بازرگانی: رویتی ، ورزش: نشانه روی مگسک ، علوم نظامی: دستگاه سایت ، الات نشانه روی شکاف درجه تفنگ

: sight 1

علوم دریایی: شکاف درجه

: sight 2

علوم دریایی: دید

: sight 3 (gun)

علوم دریایی: غربال
- vision, eye, eyes, eyesight, seeing
- view, appearance, perception, range of vision, visibility
- spectacle, display, exhibition, pageant, scene, show, vista
- eyesore, mess, monstrosity
- catch sight of: spot, espy, glimpse
- spot, behold, discern, distinguish, make out, observe, perceive, see
English Thesaurus: see, look at somebody/something, notice, spot, catch sight of/catch a glimpse of, ...

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I. sight1 S2 W2 /saɪt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: sight, insight, oversight, sighting; adjective: sighted, unsightly, sightless, insightful; verb: sight]
[Language: Old English; Origin: gesiht]

1. ABILITY TO SEE [uncountable] the physical ability to see Synonym : vision:
Anne’s sight is very good for someone of her age.
He began to lose his sight six years ago.
an emergency operation to save his sight
You will get a free sight test if you are under 16.

2. ACT OF SEEING [singular, uncountable] the act of seeing something
sight of
Just the sight of him made her go all weak.
at the sight of something
Marcie will faint at the sight of blood.
The house is hidden from sight behind trees.

3. THING YOU SEE [countable]
a) something you can see
familiar/common/rare etc sight
Street dentists are a common sight in Pakistan.
As he reached the front door, he saw a strange sight.
the sights and sounds of the forestnot a pretty sight at pretty2(3), ⇒ sorry sight at sorry(8)
b) the sights [plural] famous or interesting places that tourists visit:
In the afternoon, you’ll have a chance to relax or see the sights.
the sights of
So, Maria’s showing you the sights of Copenhagen, is she?sightseeing

4. in/within sight
a) inside the area that you can see:
I glanced around me quickly. There was no one in sight.
They burned every house in sight.
The boys get home and eat everything in sight.
Since my hotel was within sight, I told him he could go.
b) likely to happen soon:
Six months from the start of the strike, there is still no end in sight.
Peace is now in sight.

5. within/in sight of something
a) in the area where you can see something:
We camped within sight of the lake.
At last they came in sight of the city.
b) in a position where you will soon be able to get something or achieve something:
Dan was now within sight of the championship.

6. in your sights if you have someone or something in your sights, you intend to achieve it or get it for yourself, or to attack them
have somebody/something in your sights
Rogers had victory firmly in his sights.

7. out of sight outside the area that you can see:
Karen waved until the car was out of sight.

8. out of sight, out of mind used to say that people soon stop thinking about something or someone if they do not see them for a while

9. disappear/vanish from sight to disappear:
‘Will she be all right?’ asked Jen as the car disappeared from sight.

10. come into sight to appear:
when the ship at last came into sight

11. on sight as soon as you see someone:
The army has been ordered to shoot rebel soldiers on sight.
Jo disliked him on sight.

12. not let somebody out of your sight to make sure that someone stays near you:
Since the accident, Donna hasn’t let the children out of her sight.

13. be sick of/can’t stand/hate the sight of somebody/something to dislike someone or something very much:
Alan and Sam can’t stand the sight of each other.
Everybody hates the sight of you.

14. a sight for sore eyes spoken
a) someone or something that you feel very happy to see
b) British English someone or something that is very unattractive or very funny to look at

15. a (damn/darned/darn) sight more/better etc informal a lot more, a lot better etc:
I know the place a damn sight better than you do.
The old lady is a sight cleverer than Sarah.

16. be a sight (also look a sight) to look very funny or stupid, or very untidy or unpleasant:
We’d had an all-night party, and the place looked a bit of a sight.

17. sight unseen if you buy or choose something sight unseen, you do it without looking at the thing first:
I can’t believe you would rent a place sight unseen.

18. be a (beautiful/strange/frightening etc) sight to behold formal used to emphasize that something or someone looks very unusual, for example because they are very beautiful, strange, or frightening:
His garden was a sight to behold.
His face was not a pleasant sight to behold.

GUN [countable usually plural] the part of a gun or other weapon that guides your eye when you are aiming at something
at first sight at first1(6), ⇒ know somebody by sight at know1(3), ⇒ lose sight of something at lose(1), ⇒ set your mind/sights/heart on (doing) something at set1(13)

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II. sight2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: sight, insight, oversight, sighting; adjective: sighted, unsightly, sightless, insightful; verb: sight]
to see something from a long distance away, or see something you have been looking for:
The sailors gave a shout of joy when they sighted land.
Several rare birds have been sighted in the area.

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I. ability to see
ADJ. excellent, good, normal, perfect | defective, failing, poor, weak | long, short
VERB + SIGHT have She has very little sight in her left eye.
lose He's lost the sight of one eye.
save The surgeons battled to save her sight.
SIGHT + VERB deteriorate, fail, go I think my sight is beginning to go.
SIGHT + NOUN test | defects, problems
PHRASES the/your sense of sight

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II. act/moment of seeing sth
VERB + SIGHT catch, get, have She suddenly caught sight of the look on her mother's face. We will soon get our first sight of the Statue of Liberty.
keep She kept sight of him in her mirror.
PREP. at the ~ (of) Her knees went weak at the sight of him.
PHRASES at first sight He looked at first sight like an English tourist.
cannot stand/bear the sight of sth (= hate seeing sb/sth) I never could stand the sight of blood.
a clear sight of sth He didn't shoot until he had a clear sight of the goal.
know sb by sight (= to recognize sb without knowing them well), the mere/very sight of sb/sth The mere sight of her sitting there made his heart beat faster.
shoot (sb) on sight (= to shoot sb immediately you see them) Soldiers have been ordered to shoot looters on sight.
sick of the sight of sb/sth We've shared an office for too long and we're sick of the sight of each other.

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III. position where sth can be seen
VERB + SIGHT come into Then the towers of the castle came into sight.
disappear from, vanish from She watched until the car disappeared from sight.
hide (sth) from, remove sth from I hid the papers from sight.
keep sth in Keep their car in sight for as long as you can.
PREP. in ~ (often figurative) The end is in sight (= will happen soon).
out of ~ He kept out of sight behind a pillar.
within ~ of The cricket ground was situated within sight of both village pubs.
PHRASES come in sight of sb/sth At last we came in sight of a few houses.
in full sight of sb He tried to break into a car in full sight of a policeman.
in plain sight They waited until the enemy was in plain sight.
your line of sight She was now standing just out of his line of sight.
not let sb/sth out of your sight Whatever you do, don't let them out of your sight!

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IV. sth that you see
ADJ. common, regular | bizarre, rare, strange, unexpected, unfamiliar, unlikely, unusual | awe-inspiring, awesome, beautiful, breathtaking, fine, impressive, inspiring, magnificent, spectacular, splendid, unforgettable, wonderful | depressing, pathetic, pitiful, sad, sorry He really did look a sorry sight, his hair tangled and his clothing covered in feathers.
ghastly, gruesome, horrifying, terrible, terrifying
PHRASES not a pretty sight I'm not a pretty sight when I get out of bed in the morning.
sights and sounds The sights and sounds of the city distracted her from her work.

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V. sights: places of interest
ADJ. famous, historic
VERB + SIGHT see, take in, visit Let's get out of the hotel and see the sights.

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VI. sights: your aim/expectation
VERB + SIGHT have sb/sth in/within Rossi has the defending champion in her sights in tomorrow's race.
lower, raise After failing to get into university, he lowered his sights and got a job in a shop.
PHRASES set your sights on sth/have your sights set on sth She has her sights set on becoming a writer.
set your sights high/low He says he wants to win the trophy, but I think he's setting his sights too high.

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good sight
Many types of fish have good sight.
poor sight
His sight was quite poor.
failing sight (=becoming worse)
He ran the business until failing sight forced him to retire.
lose your sight
As the result of a severe illness, she lost her sight at the age of twelve.
save sb’s sight
Surgeons believe they can save her sight.
sb’s sight fails (=gets much worse)
He was in his seventies when his sight began to fail.
a sight test
If your sight test shows that you need glasses, the optician will give you a prescription.

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