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since /sɪns/ preposition, conjunction, adverb

بعد از ، پس از ، از وقتی که ، چون که ، نظر باینکه ، ازاینرو ، چون ، از انجایی که
Synonyms: after, behind, below, following, next, subsequent to
Synonyms: because, as, as long as, being, 'cause, considering, for, inasmuch as, seeing, whereas
Antonyms: before

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since S1 W1 /sɪns/ preposition, conjunction, adverb
[Language: Old English; Origin: siththan, from sith tham 'since that']

1. [generally used with a perfect tense in the main clause] from a particular time or event in the past until the present, or in that period of time:
We’ve been waiting here since two o'clock.
I haven’t played rugby since I left university.
She left London ten years ago, and I haven’t seen her since.
The factory has been here since the 1970s.
It was exactly five years since her father had died.
Since the end of the war, over five thousand prisoners have been released.
He lost his job five years ago, but has since found other work.
I left school in 1995, and since then I’ve lived in London.
ever since (=all the time since)
We’ve been friends ever since we were at school together.
She’s been terrified of the sound of aircraft ever since the crash.
We came to the UK in 1974 and have lived here ever since.

2. used to give the reason for something:
Since you are unable to answer, perhaps we should ask someone else.

3. since when? spoken used in questions to show that you are very surprised or angry:
Since when have you been interested in my feelings?

4. long since if something has long since happened, it happened a long time ago:
I’ve long since forgiven her for what she did.

since, for
Use since to say that something started at a point in time in the past, and is or was still continuing:
He has been living in Leeds since 1998.
We’ve known about it since May.
Since is usually followed by a time expression ('last year', 'this morning', '4 o'clock' etc) or by a clause in the simple past tense. Use the present perfect or the past perfect in the other clause:
He had been seriously ill since Christmas.
I have loved movies since I first went to the cinema.
Speakers of British English usually say it is a long time/two weeks etc since ..., and speakers of American English it has been a long time/two weeks etc since ..., but both uses are correct:
It’s weeks (BrE)/It’s been weeks (AmE) since I saw Grandma.
Use for when you state the length of time that something has been or had been happening:
We have known each other for ten years (NOT since ten years).

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BAD: I am studying law since 1992.
GOOD: I have been studying law since 1992.
BAD: Since that journey, I never sailed again.
GOOD: Since that journey, I have never sailed again.

Usage Note:
When you talk about an action or situation which began in the past and continues into the present, use a present perfect tense: 'I've been waiting here since 9 o'clock.'
In informal American English, the past tense is also used for this purpose.
See also FOR 4 (for)

BAD: I have been living in London since four weeks now.
GOOD: I have been living in London for four weeks now.
BAD: I've been working in a bank since two years ago.
GOOD: I've been working in a bank for (the last) two years.

Usage Note:
since + beginning of period: 'since 3 p.m.'
for + length of period: 'for two and a half hours'
Compare: 'I have been living in London for almost two years, since October 1994.'

BAD: Since the last few years, unemployment has been increasing.
GOOD: Over/during the last few years, unemployment has been increasing.

Usage Note:
since + beginning of period: 'I've been living in Paris since July.'
over/during + the period of time within which something happens or develops: 'Over the last eighteen months there have been three tax increases.'

BAD: I stayed at your hotel for three nights, since 23rd November to 26th November.
GOOD: I stayed at your hotel for three nights, from 23rd November to 26th November.

Usage Note:
from ... to ... : 'from Monday to Wednesday', 'from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.', 'from 1947 to 1966'

BAD: Bring Eva with you. It's ages since I haven't seen her.
GOOD: Bring Eva with you. It's ages since I (last) saw her.
BAD: It's a long time since I haven't seen you last.
GOOD: It's a long time since I saw you last.

Usage Note:
it's ages/a long time /two weeks (etc) since + past tense (NOT present perfect; WITHOUT not ): 'It's almost a year since I arrived.' 'It must be ages since we last had a meal together.'

See SO 2 (so)

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