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sit back phrasal verb (see also sit)

1. to get into a comfortable position, for example in a chair, and relax:
Sit back and relax – I’ll open a bottle of wine.

2. to relax and make no effort to get involved in something or influence what happens:
Don’t just sit back and wait for new business to come to you.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

sit back
to stop being active.
We haven't had many opportunities to sit back and talk to each other.

We're not so good that we can afford to just tell people we're the greatest and then sit back.

[TahlilGaran] English Idioms Dictionary

sit back
1. to be built a distance away from a street
The large mansion sits back three hundred meters from the street.

2. to relax/rest, to take a break
We decided to sit back for the day and not do anything.

[TahlilGaran] English Idioms Dictionary

sit back
1. To be built a distance away; stand away (as from a street).
Our house sits back from the road.
2. To relax; rest, often while others are working; take time out.
Sit back for a minute and think about what you have done.

[TahlilGaran] English Idioms Dictionary

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