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skeleton /ˈskelətən, ˈskelɪtən/ noun

کالبد ، اسکلت ، استخوان بندی ، ساختمان ، شالوده ، طرح ریزی ، روانشناسی: استخوان بندی
Synonyms: framework, bare bones, draft, frame, outline, sketch, structure

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skeleton /ˈskelətən, ˈskelɪtən/ noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Modern Latin; Origin: Greek, from skeletos 'dried up']

1. BONES [countable]
a) the structure consisting of all the bones in a human or animal body:
the human skeleton
b) a set of these bones or a model of them, fastened in their usual positions, used, for example, by medical students

2. BASIC PARTS [singular] the most important parts of something, to which more detail can be added later:
We agreed on a skeleton outline of the proposal.

3. THIN PERSON [countable] an extremely thin person or animal:
The disease had reduced Harry to a skeleton.

4. STRUCTURE [countable] the main structure that supports a building, bridge etc:
Minutes after the explosion, all that remained was the skeleton of the bridge.

5. a skeleton in the closet (also a skeleton in the cupboard British English) an embarrassing or unpleasant secret about something that happened to you in the past

6. skeleton staff/crew/service etc only enough workers or services to keep an operation or organization running:
The bus company is operating a skeleton service on Christmas Day.

7. SPORT [countable, singular] a sport in which you slide down a special ice track while lying on your front on a type of sledge, or the vehicle you slide on ⇒ bobsleigh, luge

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ADJ. dinosaur, fish, human, mammal/mammalian, etc. | external, internal

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