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slick /slɪk/ adjective

سطح صاف ، سطح صیقلی ، لیز ، ساده ، مطلق ، ماهر ، یک دست ، نرم وصاف کردن ، یکدست کردن ، جذاب
- glib, plausible, polished, smooth, specious
- skilful, adroit, deft, dexterous, polished, professional
- smooth, plaster down, sleek
Contrasted words: coarse, gritty, rough, uneven
Related Idioms: slick as a greased pig
Related Words: oily, slape, smooth, soapy, glossy, slippery

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I. slick1 /slɪk/ adjective

1. if something is slick, it is done in a skilful and attractive way and seems expensive, but it often contains no important or interesting ideas:
a slick Hollywood production
slick advertising
The presentation was very slick.

2. if someone is slick, they are good at persuading people, often in a way that does not seem honest:
a slick used-car salesman

3. done smoothly and quickly:
He got round the defender using some slick footwork.

4. smooth and slippery
slick with
Cars were sliding off roads that were slick with rain.

5. American English old-fashioned very good or attractive
—slickly adverb
—slickness noun [uncountable]

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II. slick2 noun [countable]

1. (also oil slick) an area of oil on the surface of water or on a road

2. American English a magazine printed on good-quality paper with a shiny surface, usually with a lot of colour pictures Synonym : glossy magazine

3. technical a smooth car tyre used for racing

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III. slick3 verb
slick something ↔ down/back phrasal verb
to make hair smooth and shiny by putting oil, water etc on it:
His hair had been combed back and slicked down with something to make it neat.

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